Devaraja Market 1/undefined by Tripoto
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
7:00 AM - 8:30 PM
All year
Couples, Friends
19 out of 77 attractions in Mysore

Devaraja Market

This is the best market in the whole state and is full of colors. This is otherwise nothing but a local market where you can get farm fresh fruits, vegetables, tea and rangoli powder colors. The colors are decoratively exhibited in a way that it looks no less than a rainbow.
Monica Dinesh Kumar
The market crowded with people moving in & around selling & purchasing things indifferent of the outside world, while the Vendors were busy in captivating customers by their impressive costs & attractive presentations of the commodities, customers were busy in getting attracted towards it & bargaining for it. devraja market witnessed people selling the small heaps of vermillion powders, flowers, vegetables, unique fruits and what not!!! The fragrance of Mysore Mallige spread throughout  the market, the fresh heart shaped beetal leaves with water droplets throughout the leaf arranged in those circular patterns was so overwhelming & delightful for both eyes & heart!!!Time required: 30minsLocation: Devaraja Mohalla
We got to Devaraja Market by 8 pm.Devaraja market is in the heart of Mysore. It's a colourful vibrant place. The fruits and vegetables are very fresh and worth its money.
Nancy Johri