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Neral Railway Station

This is a railway station forming a part of the Mumbai Suburban Railway Network on the Central Mumbai Line. This is located in the town of Neral in the Raigad District and is a junction between Kalyan and Karjat. This where from one can catch the much famous toy train to Matheran.
Shalini Garnaik
On our way back we saw the Neral Matheran toy train and took shared cab back. Finally we took local train back home. We were very tired of walking whole day but the place in monsoons is worth it.
Shalini Garnaik
We then took the shared cabs available from Neral to go up to Matheran. They cost around Rs 50/p. It takes around half an hour to reach the top. Neral to Matheran toy trains are also available you can look it up online and book tickets.
MUhammed Unais P
There are 10 trekking routes to Matheran, and the one through Garbett plateau is famous among them. I will explain the other routes in coming videos. This trail starts from Bhivpuri railway station, passes Dhom Lake, Sagachivadi village, Garbett Plateau, and Garbett point, and ends at Matheran entry point. Bhivpuri road station is between Neral and Karjat on central line. I started my journey on the first train to Khopoli, which is the 3rd train on the central line in the morning, and reached Bhivpuri station by 6.30. After reaching station, we need to walk 300 meters along the railway track .Then turn right and walk again 300m towards NH. There is a junction over there from where you can take some refreshments. Then we move onto our first destination Dhom lake which is around 900 metres away from NH.The lake is surrounded by lush green mountains on all sides and view is beautiful in the morning. Now we need to walk to the left along the lakefront for about 1.5 KM.During the walk, there are multiple viewpoints from where you can enjoy awesome sceneries of the lake. You have to cross two small water streams before reaching the other side of the lake.Now you need to trek 2.5 KM to reach the Sagachivadi village from the lake. The first one KM is following a trail through a paddy field, and then start climbing the hill. You can see the famous Ashane water falls on your left side. We need to cross another stream on the trail just before climbing towards the Sagachivadi village. This stream originates from the same waterfall. You may need to remove your shoes while crossing this stream, and you can enjoy the beautiful view of these waterfalls along the way.Sagachiwadi is a small village situated in a small plateau and it consists of less than 20 houses .Villagers are mostly farmers working in paddy fields on the plateau and the valley. I got company of another trekking group of 6 people, and we trekked together. From the village you need to walk further 500 meters, and then you start climbing the second hill. This is the most difficult part of this trek. You could be very tired since the hill is very steep. By the time we were midway, the mist had started covering the hill and the trail. The distant view of dhom lake and surrounding hills is beautiful. You need to be very careful at some point where you need to walk over the slipping rock patches. You need to climb 1.5 KM to reach the next plateau called Garbett plateau, which is also known as Table point. Garbett plateau is at an elevation of 510 meters from the sea level. The plateau is filled with green bushes and grass, and its landscape is breathtaking. Now you can get the sight of Matheran hills from here, and Murbe dam at a distance.You need to walk further one more KM over the plateau, and start climbing to the next destination which is Garbett Point. Garbett point is at an elevation of 650m, and it will take 15 minutes to reach there from the bottom. Climbing this part is also very dangerous as it is very steep. I reached here by 1 PM, and this area was completely covered in mist. At some point the visibility was absolutely zero. I spent 1 hour on the top and started trekking towards Matheran. A 3KM trekking on plateau will get you to Aman Lodge railway station, which is the last stop for Matheran Toy train. After a walk of 500 Meters on the railway track, I reached the Matheran entry point where taxi stand is located. I got a taxi from here to Neral station, and returned back to Mumbai
No I didn't come this far just to hear that a place like that never existed, I thought to myself . I asked another rickshaw wallah and he said he knew a different place with a similar pronunciation. Apparently he knew a village called Peth and he knew that people do visit this place for Trekking. Well trust me when you are left stranded and somebody gives you a similar option like that you don't feel bad to try that, so did I. He assured to drop me halfway and he further guided me to board another rickshaw who would leave me till the base camp. I started the journey and after an hour and half I reached the base camp of Kothaligadh, Peth.Some quick facts about this trek,1. The difficulty level to this track is EASY.2. It is suitable for Beginners and best done in Monsoon3. Duration is 4 hours (depending upon your speed)4. Carry your own Water and Food.5. Its at a height of 3100 ft.
Richa Gupta
Nearest rail-head. You can take the toy-train to reach Matheran, or cabs which will drop you at Dasturi Naka, point beyond which it is the eco-zone.