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Humayun's Tomb

Humayun's Tomb is one of the most important monuments of the city and a perfect example of wonderful Islamic architecture was made by Mirak Mirza Ghiyas, a Persian architect. The initiative to make this monument was taken by Humayun’s senior widow Bega Begum. The monument is considered as a precursor of the Taj Mahal in terms of beauty. It was built in 1565 AD and is located on the crossing of the Lodi Road and Mathura Road. The main features of this monument are the beautiful gardens, fountains and of course the double domed mausoleum. Apart from Humayun’s tomb, there are many other Mughal rulers who have their mausoleums built in here.
Vijay Pandit
Baidehi Ghosh
5. Humayun's Tomb - The tomb of the great Mughal Emperor Humayun, was built way back in 1572 by his wife Bega Begum. It’s said to be the first garden-tomb to be built in the Indian subcontinent and is one of the first monuments to be made using the combination of red sandstone and white marble in India (and it is also said to have inspired the construction of the Taj Mahal). The tomb is set in 12 hectares of serene and beautiful gardens, and it is quite an experience to just take a stroll through them while marveling at the grandeur of Humayun’s Tomb. It’s amazing how such a magnificent structure is nestled in the middle of the city and transports you back in time, all while offering the most peaceful surrounding.
Abhinav Deb
Entry to Humayun’s TombINR 50 pax ( for Indian Nationals )INR 500 pax ( for Foreign Nationals)
Anila Kopparapu
After Taj Mahal a tomb that was built with almost the same grandeur was perhaps this Humayun’s tomb. As the name suggests, this one’s a tomb too and it was built for Humayun by his wife Baga Begum. A large garden tomb built in Persian and Mughal architecture, the Humayun’s tomb was built with marble and sandstone with some really beautiful details. The gardens of the tomb had a lot of other tombs built for the royals as well within it, each a beauty in its own right. While the massive Humayun’s tomb has got some differences from Taj Mahal, the basic structure is a lot similar and there is a lot about how it was built and the architecture that draws a comparison.
Ashish Koul
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