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Lake Gregory

Shanky Kalra
Sapna Singh
I simply took a walk around the lake and preferred enjoying it's beauty. There are carnivals which happen on timely basis and I was lucky to be there during one. Various types of food were being served at different stalls and there was sort of mini music festival going on at a restaurant.I checked in to the hotel to freshen up- went outside for a walk; celebrated my birthday at an Indian restaurant and headed back home to get some sleep.Day-4:Checked out from the hotel at sharp 8am and took a small tour of the city because I loved it a little too much and wasn't done just yet.
Nuwara Eliya offers a wonderful climate to chill out. The city is laid back and has fewer attractions such as Victoria Park, Lake Gregory and a huge Golf course. Lake Gregory has boat rides and water scooters. It gets freezing cold in the evenings. Nuwara Eliya - Climate at its best.
Jyoti sharma
Lake: Take a bus from city stand to lake for 10 LKR and you can have a relaxed walk by the lake.You can do boating, jet skiing also on the lake.
Kanu Priya Singh
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. And the town of Nuwara Eliya is very lovely too. Best weather is all of SL. This town deserves a stay of at least 2-3 days. Another place of interest in NE is the Hakgala Botanical Garden where the famous Ashok Vatika is located.