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stroll from the sanctuary to the remnants
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4 out of 9 attractions in Pelling

Rabdentse Ruins

Around 3 kms from Pelling and couple of minutes walk further down from Pemayangtse Monastery are the Rabdentse ruins the second capital of Sikkim, established in the year 1670. The spot has stunning perspectives inundated with history all around. All around secured remains with clear signs of the rooms and other areas. These remnants are accessed by a short wooden walk which is extremely wonderful. The stroll from the sanctuary to the remnants will simply make your day. But these remnants have a story to tell. Its a half kilometer stroll from the main street perhaps a little more. In any case, once there, your effort is justified. Everywhere in this place you will see what remains. Not a large territory to cover so it's manageable by walking and on the off chance that you stroll up here from Pelling, you may have a decent half day trip. This spot is genuine amazement, regardless of the possibility that somebody is not excited to watch historical ruins, he can still visit for stunning perspectives.
Sandhya Chaudhary
Our next stop was Rabdentse ruins. It was  established in 1670AD as the second capital of Sikkim till 1814 AD. It is an important archaeological site that is protected by the ASI (Archeological Society of India). For history buffs, this is a must-see.The route to the ruins takes you through a dense forest. There is also a bird park along the way (it was closed for restoration when we visited). To reach the ruins, hike 1 kilometres (20 -25 minutes) through the forest. It offers a wonderful view of Mt. Kangchenjunga as well as the valley.By the time we reached the top, we were starving. There was a small shop selling local snacks. We tried a bowl of flattened rice (poha) soaked in spicy potato curry. To be honest it tasted heavenly. ( because I love simple food).
6) Rabdentse RuinsIt is just located near the Monastery. It was the ancient Capital of Sikkim . You have to do a small trek around 2 kms to reach in this palace. Very excellent place to visit. Your trek will surely worth it.
Its a trek of approx 800m inside Bird sanctuary amidst of muddy paved roads, untouched green canopy to reach Rabdentse ruins, Capital of former Kingdom of Sikkim destroyed by invading Gurkha army.
Shantnu Kumar
The rabdentse ruins are the historical place which is situated in West  Sikkim. The Rabdentse is the second capital of Sikkim. #sikkim#historicalplace#gautambudh
Ujala Kashyap
Located next to the Bird Park, getting here involves a 30 minute trek of 2 kms through the wilderness (ensure you’re wearing good trekking shoes.) The trek is relatively easy with no uphill or downhill climbs and the sounds of the birds and insects will have you spellbound during the journey and exhaustion is worth the effort.