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November - January
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the last beach on the line of the four beaches, this is the least crowded and also an isolated sort of place. This beach is also known as the Full Moon Beach because of the round shape of it. The white sands and peaceful atmosphere of this place makes it even more charming. The best thrill factor here is that this beach has no road connectivity during and immediately after the monsoons and so there are only two ways by which you can come here. One is by Motor boating from the Half Moon Beach with which this beach is partly attached and the second is by hiking from the Om Beach. The first option is however much safer. You will naturally not fnd any holiday resort around but you can of course arrange picnics here. This beach is a favourite of hippies and the backpackers who love to camp rather than sleep in soft beds while they are on a trip. This is where they often camp during the nights and you can also do the same if you feel you have not had enough fun here.
Prajwal Chengappa
5:00 pm - The climate matched perfectly with the beach and it was a sight to behold.One felt so calm and at peace here.There were boat rides offered for 200/- bucks up until 6pm in the evening.
Swagatika Sarangi
Paradise beachI was shocked to see this beach because it was so Goddamn pretty! Clear blue water meeting the sky, less garbage and uncles in underwear compared to other beaches, suddenly I felt I wasn’t in an Indian beach anymore. Maybe I am stereotyping right now because I grew up with dirty beaches around me and this was a nice change to see. Look at the picture for yourself!
Nikita Mathur
Paradise beach – It is a beautuiful and clean beach in pondy. There are two ways to reach there. 1 ) One is via a boat/ ferry which starts at 9 a.m. and is hugely crowded. Be there on time for the ticket counters to open, to avoid unnecessary delay due to the rush. 2) Second is drive down if you have your own car or if you have your rented bikes. But during high tides, you cannot go in the water from this end as they only have life-guards on the end where the boats take you. And that end is a slightly long walk from here. You might find it vaguely deserted in off season so better take the boat in those days.Note -Do not expect a lot of shacks or restaurants around. It is not exactly that bustling. But good showers on the boat end.It’s the only good beach so keep mediocre expectations and you’ll enjoy it.Time spent – 2-3 hrs
My Last place to visit was paradise beach again at sunset time.
Mohini Raj
Pondicherry hotels are costly. We stayed at annai residency which was affordable and rooms were nice. The hostel had cost us around 1k per person for two days. airbnb offers home stay at reasonable prices so if you are not in a large group, you can certainly opt for home stays. Food at this hotel is pathetic so it would be better to go for complementary breakfast only.We hired 4 scootys to visit different place. They took 550 rs for each scooty along with proper identity proof. For covering the whole city petrol of rs 300 is sufficient.
Footloose Backpackers
It took us 1 and a half hour to finish exploring Auroville and then we headed to Channumber boat house. This boat house is situated at the banks of the Channumber backwaters and connects to Paradise beach via ferry service.
Ankita Bhardwaj
We reached our hotel Annadha Inn , Pondicherry at 11 AM. Our hotel was very near to Promenande Beach around 2 km. We had lunch at Cafe Xtasi which is famous for Pizzas .The first day we went to see Paradise Beach . Beach water was very clean and blue. In the evening we took a walk from our hotel to Promenande Beach . It is basically a rock beach. We can sit on rocks at beach side and enjoy the view. At beach side you will get many restaurants and the streets and police reminds you of French culture.
Bipasha Nath
You must definitely keep a few hours aside for the beach. The best that the city could offer, it takes you where snails reside. What’s more, you could bring home some of these molluscs too, if you so wish. Located 8 kms from the town, you can reach the beach via boats that are accessible only from Chunnambar Resort. It will take 15-20 minutes to reach the island of Paradise beach, and is worth more than all your time and money!Time required: 4 hours
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Damini Aggarwal
A ferry ride is needed ( cost is Rs 200/-) to reach this beach. A calm and clean beach to relax.
Take a boat ride to the Paradise IslandAfter spending some time at the Auroville beach, leave for 'Paradise Island'.There are two separate ticket counters , one to go inside the boat house, and another is the ticket counter to boats to Island.Paradise Island is a beach isolated from the noisy main city. It is one of the 'must visit' places of Pondicherry.Opening Hours: 9 am – 5 pmCharges:Entry Charges to the boat house: INR 5- Motor Boat: INR 50 (short trip); INR 100 (long trip)- Speed Boat (2 seater): INR 125 (short trip); INR 250 (long trip)- Speed Boat (4 seater): INR 250 (short trip); INR 450 (long trip)
Kasturi Karuna
Early in the morning we headed for Paradise beach which can only be reached by a boat. Since there is a queue to be formed it is advisable to start early (8 AM) and be back by 12 in the afternoon. The beach is quiet well maintained though swimming is not allowed here. It has white sand and is lined with palm trees which provide shade for sitting.There is an eerie kind of freedom you feel while riding around in tourist cities on a two wheeler. The helps you to plan your itinerary and spend as much time as wished at any place. We went to a non-descript lake called Austry Lake which is not a great treat to eyes when there is so much water in the trip already. After that we went to Auroville and spent the evening there strolling in the last area that it has.Since it was 26th there weren’t any seats available in any of the buses. So we have change the plan and instead of heading to Madurai we took the just the opposite route and headed for Kochi in the last two seats available.
A beach isolated from the noisy main city, A land separating backwaters from the bay of bengal, A beach where sand bar extends into the sea giving it an island like appearance, the sand where ferry ride is the only way to reach..these facts made me look no further and head straight towards this beach!as i said It was way too crowded due to weekend so i had to take a walk to find clean quiet space. The calmness of this beach left me spellbound!The sound of water splashing on the shores just added up to my soothing stay on the beach! The feel of the clean soft sand between my toes is sure to be etched in my memory for years to come!!!Paradise beach is No less than a paradise!
Pranabandhu Nayak
Left Auroville around 2pm and started towards the Paradise beach after having some lunch. Due to long weekend the paradise beach was overcrowded. We waited for at least 2 hours standing in the queue to get tickets for the ferry and the beach was completely worth our waiting. We took a ferry ride to the paradise beach and it was wonderful. It was also suitable to take a bath in this beach. I simply fall in love with this beach because of its spectacular beauty. The beach was completey clean though over crowded.
Pondicherry is blessed with some of the most spectacular beaches of the Coromandel coast. If you are looking for total seclusion far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, Pondicherry is the ideal place for you to head for. Its miles of silky soft beaches will take you to a world of tranquility. The turquoise water of the Bay of Bengal is ideal to take a relaxing dip. A ten minute drive from the northern part of the Pondicherry town will take you to Pondicherry’s gleaming white coastal area. Paradise Beach is Pondi most pristine beach, accessed by a boat that powers through the backwaters of the Chunnambar river. You can peacefully build sand castles, play ball or read a book, however, Paradise beach is the only beach that needs you to pay an entrance fee in and around Pondicherry. Boat house beach, Paradise beach, Chunnambar beach all refer to the same place.Ashram and Auroville (You need prior permission for Auroville especially for visiting the Matri Mandir) craftsmen make fine marbled silk and hand-dyed fabrics, perfumes, incense sticks, handmade paper, handloom rugs, bedspreads, pottery and various other products which may be bought at the Boutique d’ Auroville, Harmonie Boutique, Ashram Exhibition Centre, Aurocreation, AuroTibetan handicrafts etc.
Pallavi Washivale
Krishnan T P
The next was my birthday, So we woke up early and went to a temple nearby. After that we went to Paradise beach. A long beach , particularly visited for boating. We went for a boat ride for about an hour....
Shreya Sohan
One of the finest beach in Pondicherry. The only convenient way to reach this place is to take the ferry operated by the Pondicherry tourism for a nominal fee. Food and drinks are available on the island. Changing rooms and washrooms are also available on site. Really too much crowd, so it takes too much waiting time to board a ferry. Its scenic beauty makes it wonderful, had a great time with friends there.
Never less than a private foreign beach
Aashish Jain
PARADISE BEACH is one of the most beautiful beaches of pondicherry. It is also called as Island beach because the shore is just a tiny Island. There are government owned ferries that take you to the Island for a fee. I don't remember the exact charge, but ya it's nominal. Once you reach the beach you can visualize a complete panaroma of crystal clear waters, giving a feeling of paradise as the name tells so. Spend a good time with friends and family and come back to the city using the same ferry service. You also have water sports like speed boats, water scooter and the like.
Plage Paradiso Island. An isolated (one of the most cleanest) beach which can only be accessed by a boat.
Sudha Kumari
2km stretch of beach is under government control, only accessible by boat transfer for tourist. Must visit beach. Fell in love with this beach. The entry of beach from Windflower resort is the advantage of being there.
Beautiful beach around an unspoilt island.
Kushendra Tiwary
True to its name, this is one paradise. One has to either take the motor or the speed boat to go through the backwaters to reach this beauty. There are small shacks there to chill and thankfully a small canteen, where they sell knick knacks and some beer ( there is just one strong beer there and it might be too strong for a light drinker. So plan to carry your picnic ration if you arent able to stomach strong beer and spicy snacks ) There are few water sports options available there too. The boat services stop at 5.30 PM and the beach closes around 6 PM. So plan your trip for late afternoons or early mornings to avoid the heat and the timing.