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November - January
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Paradise beach

the last beach on the line of the four beaches, this is the least crowded and also an isolated sort of place. This beach is also known as the Full Moon Beach because of the round shape of it. The white sands and peaceful atmosphere of this place makes it even more charming. The best thrill factor here is that this beach has no road connectivity during and immediately after the monsoons and so there are only two ways by which you can come here. One is by Motor boating from the Half Moon Beach with which this beach is partly attached and the second is by hiking from the Om Beach. The first option is however much safer. You will naturally not fnd any holiday resort around but you can of course arrange picnics here. This beach is a favourite of hippies and the backpackers who love to camp rather than sleep in soft beds while they are on a trip. This is where they often camp during the nights and you can also do the same if you feel you have not had enough fun here.
The lazy shorts
Sunbathing at Paradise Beach
Amit Kumar Sharma
Next destination Paradise beach, it was like 6 km from Rock beach. I heard previously that we have to go by boat to this beach which is handled by Channabur boat house. They charged me 350 bucks and there's comes the another setback. We are not allowed to walk all along beach as it is restricted to some extent. Later I got to know that there's another way to reach to the beach by following different route and it's free. I was not able to hold myself there as it was quite crowded and was not giving me free spirit. So I retuned back and took the other way. I bought biryani as in case I will not get anything to eat over there. The route was bumpy and beautiful. The place has few eating joints which I did not anticipate.After reaching there that too in the afternoon I just laid down by making a shed and listened to pumped up punjabi songs. This experience was both good and bad at same time. Again same thing happened I found carefree girls playing with water but again could not take the candid. Luckily I took candid of two guys just sitting near the waves and It came really good. Its more like brain is wired in such a way which hesitate to take pictures of girls.I took the pics I was looking for different groups different candids, migratory birds etc. After spending few hours I couldn't hold myself and finally took off my clothes went straight to waves.I love beaches and its more like water calls me to explore.
Arpan Shukla
Siva Ilankumaran
Paradise Beach is one of the cleanest beach of Pondy. This will most certainly provide what was missing in Promenade beach.
Sushmitha Rao
The first stop : → Paradise Beach IslandWe woke up a bit late, smeared sunscreen and headed towards the Paradise Beach Island. On our way, just 100 meters before the parking space, we had our breakfast at a local hotel. Trust me, it was really delicious. It is a very small hotel famous for dosa. We had egg dosa & onion dosa. Both of them tasted very delicious(or maybe we were really hungry).Make sure you carry extra pair of clothes, towel, make-up pouch, water bottles, hat, goggles and snacks. There is a huge queue for buying tickets to enter the main place. The queue for women is less-crowded and moves quite fast. After buying tickets, we joined one more queue to board the ferry to the Island. The queue is very huge and needs a lot of patience. We took turns to stand in the queue so that we could click some pictures and relax at a nearby cafe. We boarded the ferry and I took the corner-most seat so that I could get a proper view. The journey mesmerized me.After reaching the Island, we clicked a few group pictures and lots of solo pictures at the entrance.