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Serenity Beach

This Serenity Beach is a ten minutes drive toward the town's north. This virgin shoreline, with its peaceful surroundings is a perfect spot to laze away your day. Beautiful and outstanding, the name "Serenity" is exceptionally selected for this shoreline. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that this shoreline is a heaven for honeymooners. You will feel casual and quiet, as well as feel a feeling of having a place. This shoreline will give you an extraordinary perspective of the Indian Ocean and you can invest your energy in a voyage. Since the shoreline is not extremely well known yet, it is detached and peaceful. So keep all of your considerations about extravagant excursions to Paris and Italy away, and make the most of your special night on Indian waters where you will get a desire for time to achieve a standstill. Comparatively this shoreline is cleaner calmer and has a popular surf school toward one side of this shoreline.
Arun Mohan
Went to explore some local sea food at the beach side and it didn't disappointment us. Fresh sea food with local mix simply unique.
Amit Kumar
Serenity Beach is 3 KM away from white town, if you want to see beautiful sunset away from hustle and crowd then this is the place, it's a rock beach famous for water sports activities. Serenity Beach is popular among fishermen and is lined with their boats and gears at all times. The big waves of the beach enable good surfing opportunities which is is not available on other beaches of Pondicherry.
Akash Bhatte
7. 11AM - Cafes at Serenity Beach and a rock long walk in the sea. Lunch at the cafes here
Priyanka Chopra
muskan gupta
Always skip eating outside foods that can mess up with your trip. Boating on the lake with sea through plants in the botanical garden,  the boatman handed over us a lotus. Went to matrimandir and then to the best beach of pondicherry and a market especially for flowers and sea food.