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Serenity Beach

This Serenity Beach is a ten minutes drive toward the town's north. This virgin shoreline, with its peaceful surroundings is a perfect spot to laze away your day. Beautiful and outstanding, the name "Serenity" is exceptionally selected for this shoreline. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that this shoreline is a heaven for honeymooners. You will feel casual and quiet, as well as feel a feeling of having a place. This shoreline will give you an extraordinary perspective of the Indian Ocean and you can invest your energy in a voyage. Since the shoreline is not extremely well known yet, it is detached and peaceful. So keep all of your considerations about extravagant excursions to Paris and Italy away, and make the most of your special night on Indian waters where you will get a desire for time to achieve a standstill. Comparatively this shoreline is cleaner calmer and has a popular surf school toward one side of this shoreline.
Siva Ilankumaran
A beach with good backdrop is again a best place to spend hours without knowing so.2.Ashram, temple & church
Baidehi Ghosh
Next on our itinerary was the Auroville beach and Serenity beach. Those beaches were different from Rock Beach as people could get down in the water there. The sunset looked absolutely mesmerizing. After playing and splashing in the water for a long time we were hungry and had prawn and crab from the food stalls by the beach. The taste was heavenly.
Somya Rakshit
Serenity Beach (At 5pm)
The Travel Pundit
Then, we checked into this amazing homestay called Nutshell. It is a individual villa right on Serenity Beach and can accomodate 4 adults. The property by the beach is quiet serene, and the owner Vignesh with his team receive you with all their heart.
Serenity beach