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This Serenity Beach is a ten minutes drive toward the town's north. This virgin shoreline, with its peaceful surroundings is a perfect spot to laze away your day. Beautiful and outstanding, the name "Serenity" is exceptionally selected for this shoreline. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that this shoreline is a heaven for honeymooners. You will feel casual and quiet, as well as feel a feeling of having a place. This shoreline will give you an extraordinary perspective of the Indian Ocean and you can invest your energy in a voyage. Since the shoreline is not extremely well known yet, it is detached and peaceful. So keep all of your considerations about extravagant excursions to Paris and Italy away, and make the most of your special night on Indian waters where you will get a desire for time to achieve a standstill. Comparatively this shoreline is cleaner calmer and has a popular surf school toward one side of this shoreline.
Put it in your priority list, bucket list, to-do list or whatever but come and visit this beach which has not been named Serenity beach for reasons unknown. The beach is a true paradise with every bit of serenity to offer. This beach, unlike, paradise beach doesn’t see a high tourist influx and you should be happy about it. This beach has steep slopes because of which it gets really high tides. High enough for surfing and not for swimming or bathing. You can see a lot of people surfing here or learning to surf. Adjacent to the beach is a surf school because of the ideal location. So, if you want to see the bluest of waters, head here to let time flow at your own pace!6. Take a walk through the whole of White Town and French Colony
Serenity Beach, PondicherryAs the name suggests, this is one of the best beaches in Pondicherry. It is completely isolated, hence you will see blue waters, swaying palm trees and an entire beach to yourself! Though its a few kilometers away from the east coast of Pondicherry, but its worth the visit! The roads are narrow and tough as well.Flight costRound-trip fares start from Rs 14,000 onwards. Booking in advance can get you best prices!Best time to visitSince its hot during the rest of the year, October to March has the most favorable temperatures for tourists to explore the city.Where to stay: Villa Shanti (Rs 9000), Palais De Mate ( Rs 14,500), For more options, check here.
Bharat Chander
-On 2nd day we woke early in the morning and headed toward serenity beach to see the beautiful sun rise. Here you will find some water activities like speed boat, surfing etc. After spending some phenomenal time there between the rocks we came back to our room and had breakfast.
Vivek Kumar
Our next stop was Serenity beach which was closer to Auroville and our resort, about 5-6kms. We spent some 2 hours there and enjoyed bathing in the sea. On both ends of the beach are stone platforms that extend well into the sea and you can enjoy the sea view from a height. Be careful not to go to deep in the sea while bathing, the waves are powerful and there are no coastguards.
5. Serenity beach: On the third day of our trip we wake up 10:00 in the morning and went to serenity beach .This beach is twenty minutes drive to the north of town. Fishing boats are parked on the shore and one can see kids doing summersaults of the deck. A lot of beach is covered with creepers and the green helps clean the place.Carry towels,change of clothes and some water and snacks if you want to stay for a while.The beach gets pretty crowded so do keep an eye out for your belonging.For me this the best beach here to chill out. As I often say coming to beaches witout shades is useless but my friends always make fun of me but (Menu ki fark penda).
Akshansh Singh
Next day began with a flop plan i.e. waking up early for sunrise, but as I said it was a flop one. Never mind the flop stuff, our next plan was to explore Pondicherry, but planned things never go in the planned manner and the same happened with us. Before going to Pondicherry we went to the Serenity Beach it is located somewhere in the middle of Auroville and Pondicherry and surely it was the most colorful beach I have ever seen. There were so many boats and then small piles of big black rocks where one can go and enjoy the beautiful view of Bay of Bengal.
Prerna Madan
A lavish breakfast of croissants, crepes and coffee at Café des Artes set the tone for an adventure. With nerves tingling, we hired bicycles for the day and started for Serenity beach, 5-6 km away from White Town.
@diti $rivastava
When we return from here we go to the Serenity Beach to see the Sunset... Finally this is my last evening in pondicherry i search a north indian food corner and had dinner... Go back to homestay pack my bag because I have to wake up early morning.... I booked a Cab from Pondicherry to Mahabalipuram..... (Road is awesome) and I headed to new destination.......
Mohini Raj
Pondicherry in march is too hot to go. Diving into the water and enjoying for a long time will give immense happiness along with that level of tan which will not go for almost 1 week. So put lots and lots of sunscreen. Serenity beach as the name suggests is a very peaceful beach with less crowd. The beach is clean and the waves are crazy. Go deep at you own risk. The waves come at a height of 5ft or so even when you are just a meter into the sea.
Footloose Backpackers
With the ride ready, we could no longer wait to check out the other beach (Serenity beach) which was 14 km from the main city. Driving Activa was pure bliss! Serenity beach was one of the isolated beaches of Pondicherry. There were many boats there, but less number of people. By less I mean two to three men at an Omlette stall. We had our breakfast there (the omelette was horrible). We watched the fishermen, enjoyed the cool waves, saw dolphins (yes, really!) and some French women swimming in bikinis.After spending around one hour at Serenity beach, we headed to The Indian Kaffe Express for lunch, but didn’t like the menu. Surguru Restaurant seemed the only possible option. But the waiting queue and the rude behaviour of the waitor/waitress drove us up the wall. We ate Dosa and had Lassi (both were not up to par).Following this, we checked into The Green Palace (our hotel for stay which was booked via OYO). Yet again, OYO didn’t fail to impress us. With its exemplary service and superb quality of food, room and staff, OYO did not leave any stone unturned in helping us make our trip comfortable. Post check-in, we decided to rest for some time and by the time we were ready for another stroll, it was evening. We decided to hunt for a good eating joint, for even in the morning, the breakfast and the lunch did not satisfy our hunger.
Ankita Bhardwaj
On second day (Sunday)we went to Serenity Beach . Beach was having less crowd than Paradise beach . Our next destination was Auroville, a place for meditation . We can view Auroville from outside only. Entry was not allowed there. It was beautiful piece of architecture. After Auroville we came to La Cafe at Promenande Beach . We selected this restaurant by seeing its rating online. Restaurant is much hyped online. It is basically a government restaurant having pathetic food. At night we had some shopping at Promenade and then had dinner at Dilliwala 6 .Third day we started for Bangalore at 10:40 am and reached at 5 pm.
Bipasha Nath
This beach offers a wide range of cafes to choose from. However, interestingly, if you wish to change into different set of clothes, either after a visit to the beach or before, then washrooms are available only after ordering something from the cafes nearby. So enjoy a cool drink as you create memories at Serenity beach!Time required: 3 hours
Damini Aggarwal
The beach closes by 5pm, it's better to be on time.
Anusha Alvandar
This is where you see the other side of the beauty that is Pondicherry. If the French architecture and city take you to France and So do the Serene beaches. They are not crowded unlike Juhu or Chowpatty. According to me the right way to enjoy these beaches are to visit them around 5 in the evening with a couple of beers (They are cheaper in Pondicherry) and enjoy the sunset as the tides hit your feet and wash down all the stress of buzzing city life.
Clean, shallow beach with food shacks nearby..
Located 8km north of the city, Serenity Beach lives up to its name and is a place where you can laze the day away . Paradise Beach, accessible only by boat, is an option too, as is the Auroville Beach, ideal for swimming with its small waves and shallow waters.