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June - February
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Sri Aurobindo Ashram

This is the prime attraction of Pondicherry and is also known as Auroville. This is like a meditation center where everyone is not allowed to enter. You need strict permission to visit the place and then meditate here. The whole structure of the Ashram is of a ball which is wrapped with golden discs. you need to take off your shoes and enter this ashram with white socks. As you enter this ashram you have to cross a number of stairs and then enter the innermost chamber. Here you will see a huge flower with 12 petals and also 12 huge columns or pillars. The number 12 is a representation of the 12 common aspects of the Universal Mother. This is also the reason why this place is also known as the Mother House. The Pillars inside this chamber do not reach the ceiling. This is to depict that meditation and knowledge does not have any end to it. You find immense peace over here and also get a lot of answers for the inner questions which bother you.
The Sri Aurobindo Ashram, located on rue de la Marine, is one of the most important ashrams in India.
Priyank Aggarwal
This was our first place to visit in Pondicherry, we took our scooties and drove some 10 km countryside on beautiful roads to reach this peaceful place. The place was well maintained and some short films were shown to understand the Ashram. There is a place to meditate and beautiful quotes written on your way to this place, a huge circular place to meditate. We had a really good experience visiting this place.
Swagatika Sarangi
Aurobindo AshramSometimes I feel like I am an old soul trapped in an adult costume because I am legit old school who would rather sit down quietly and listen to the birds chirp, see the leaves move swiftly, smell flowers than do anything else. Aurobindo Ashram located on Rue De La Maine is a Spiritual community formed by Sri Aurobindo and grown under the guidance of Sri Maa. The Ashram now has the samadhi of both its founder and guide. Visitors are allowed to see the Samadhi and meditate from 5AM to 6PM. For an anxious person like me, sitting quietly and not thinking about anything takes a lot of effort, but this place makes me do it magically without any effort.
Mohini Raj
Wet and drenched with sand we returned back to our hotel. We got ready and then proceeded to the famous "Aurobindo Ashram". Pondicherry is a small place where you can reach from one place to another in just 5 minutes. Aurobindo ashram was 700 meters from our hotel and equidistant from white town. The ashram is present in I suppose what was the French colony by looking at the houses there. The ashram closes at 6 o clock. One is supposed to turn off the phone before entering the ashram as utter silence is maintained there. The ashram is for peace lovers. You can go and sit there quietly along with others. We came out immediately as we dint have enough time.The last place was the church Immaculate Conception Cathedral.This church is one of the oldest one in pondicherry.That was our trip to pondicherry. For return we again took the train "Chalukya Express". This train doesnt have seats till yashwantpur so we booked the seats till dadar which cost us 600 bucks which was still cheap as compared to bus.This post was originally published on Weekend Travel Diaries.
Pritishree Dash
We went to the dining hall of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and had an organic breakfast that comprised bananas, milk, sprout, brown bread and Broken wheat kheer. There is no adulteration of food in the Ashram and it's completely worth it. For those who are unaware, Sri Aurobindo was an Indian nationalist, philosopher, yogi and poet. A part of the Indian movement for independence and a spiritual reformer, Sri Aurobindo was nominated for the prestigious Nobel prize twice.