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Cellular Jail

Located in the Nicobar Islands, this jail rose to prominence during the British Raj in India. Many a social activist have spent days and months in this jail as a result of protests against the British rule. The building of this prison started in the year 1896 and was completed in 1906, The other name of this place is the Kala Pani Jail. During the British rule, any person who used to raise their voices against the British used to be trapped punished and imprisoned in the Viper Jail or the Andaman Cellular Jail and were tortured till death. Many brave men perished due to the intolerable pain.
Sandeep Verma
Adarshjit Das
1. Cellular Jail (Andaman Islands)Every Indian is aware of the history of the Cellular Jail or rather the term "Kalapani". The cells of this jail is a living witness to the horrors and struggles faced by some of the bravest sons and daughters of India, as they were imprisoned here in the dreaded prison during the British Rule. The tortures and deaths meted out to Indian prisoners here are bloodcurdling.Post Independence this jail has been turned into a memoriam and museum, to remember those souls which were lost here. The cells of the freedom fighters remind us of our dark history during the British rule and the conditions our freedom fighters went through.
Then we visited some museums and then at around 3 o’clock we went to visit the most exciting thing for everyone the cellular jail. Cellular Jail in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India, stands as a dark reminiscence of the British rule in the Indian subcontinent. This most dreaded and gruelling colonial prison situated in the remote archipelago was used by the British particularly to exile Indian political prisoners. Isolated from the mainland, this jail, also referred as Kala Pani (where Kala means death or time and Pani means water in Sanskrit) witnessed the most atrocious punishments imposed on prisoners. India’s struggle for independence saw imminent freedom fighters like Batukeshwar Dutt and Veer Savarkar being incarcerated in this jail. The jail is now open to public viewing as a National Memorial, and its museum gives one a glimpse of years of India’s struggle for freedom. The sound and light show is one of the most engaging attractions that Port-Blair has to offer. Aimed at telling the story of the history at cellular jail, it is a perfect blend of both information and entertainment. For those interested in indulging in a brief presentation about India’s heroic freedom struggle the Sound and Light show is definitely worth a visit. Don’t miss this. It will surely give you goosebumps.
Banashree Das
You must not miss the Light and Sound show here, you will get to know the story behind the Cellular Jail, why it's called Cellular Jail, how badly the prisoners were treated and how bravely they fought back. It was heartbreaking and absolutely amazing, you are sure to feel patriotic, even if it's just for a moment
Paurav Joshi
કુખ્યાત સેલ્યુલર જેલમાં વિસ્મયકારી પ્રકાશ અને ધ્વનિ (લાઇટ એન્ડ સાઉન્ડ) શો અંદામાનમાં સૌથી લોકપ્રિય ચીજોમાંની એક છે.