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Cellular Jail

Located in the Nicobar Islands, this jail rose to prominence during the British Raj in India. Many a social activist have spent days and months in this jail as a result of protests against the British rule. The building of this prison started in the year 1896 and was completed in 1906, The other name of this place is the Kala Pani Jail. During the British rule, any person who used to raise their voices against the British used to be trapped punished and imprisoned in the Viper Jail or the Andaman Cellular Jail and were tortured till death. Many brave men perished due to the intolerable pain.
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Singh Sisters
Visit the Cellular Jail in Port Blair We had a couple of hours before our ferry leaves port Blair as we landed at 9:30 am and the ferry was booked for 2 pm so we decided to take a detour.The cab driver Suraj, charged us Rs 250 to take us to the jail and back to the jetty. His number is 07063955565 He will show you around Port Blair and even arrange for your pick up in Havelock Island or Neil Island if you are going to these islands.The cab dropped us a little outside the Jail road from where we had to walk to the counter to buy the tickets. The ticket cost was Rs 30 per person. Cameras are allowed inside without a charge. We went in from the main entrance and explored the museum which started us off with the history of the jail.A little history about the Jail: In 1857, the first war for freedom the prolifically prisoners and freedom fighters from the war were brought here and could never go back.
A FINE EXAMPLE OF HUMAN BRUTALITY IN CIVILISED WORLDThis typically takes around 1-2 hrs .Also there's Light and sound show.ENTRY FEE : Rs.30 for Indian CitizensRs.100 for ForeignersOpen on all days except Mondays and National holidays. [9am-1.30pm; 2pm-5pm]* Light and Sound show starts from 5 ish, available in both hindi and English costs around Rs.100
Due to Solitary Confinement cells, where each cell housed only one inmate, from this derived the name "Cellular".
Ashwini Shankar
After the visit to Ross Island, we returned to Port Blair and visited the Cellular Jail. Well this place has so much to offer. There is so much history to it and the way the prisoners were ill treated by the British back in those days and things they to get food and water in return and how they were exploited.