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Jolly Buoy Island

One of the 15 islands that is a part of Wandoor, Jolly Buoy is famous for its clear beaches and corals. About an hour away from Wandoor, the island forms a part of the Mahatma Gandhi National Park. Visitors to the island are not allowed to carry any plastic item and must deposit them at Wandoor with an amount of INR 100.00 which is returned. Snorkeling and scuba diving are what one should try here apart from the glass-bottomed boat rides. Do keep in mind that one needs a permit to visit Jolly Buoy and these are available at the Wandoor Jetty.
Sakshi Chaudhary
Jolly Buoy island is famous for its fun water activities like snorkeling, glass bottom boat. The island is surrounded with turquoise water, white silk sand and colourful corals. You should definitely do one or both the water activities to enjoy the underwater corals and fishes up close and get amazed.
Sakshi Chaudhary
A trip to Andaman without a visit to the Jolly Buoy island is incomplete. It is open for six months a year from October to March due to maintenance reasons. You can get there by taking a boat from Wandoor Beach in PortBlair. It’s a day long trip and you are not allowed to carry plastic. So it’s advisable to carry steel or water thermos. You can also take bottles for Rent before you board the boat.
Biswanath banerjee
Jolly Buoy Island :: One among the most popular excursion from Port Blair is to Jolly Bouy Island from WANDOOR,located at Mahatma Gandhi National park.The normal time leaving to Jolly buoy island at Wandoor beach is at 9.00am. Make sure to reach Wandoor beach before 9.00am. All the ships leave at the same time and come back together. Jolly buoy is a No Plastic zone. Before leaving to Jolly buoy island, people have to submit the list of all plastic items at Wandoor beach.Visitors can enjoy the island upto 2.00pm and the return journey starts around 2.00 or 2.30pm. Jolly buoy and Red Skin island are opened for 6 months alternatively in a year to protect live corals. Before planning your Andaman & Nicobar trip, make sure that Jolly buoy island is open for visitors (if you are planning to see this island). When the Jolly buoy island is closed for visitors, usually Red skin island will be opened for visitors.In this islands no food or water is available,therefore make proper arrangements before venturing out.Visitors can enjoy the under water coral view through snorkelling or glass bottom boat. As a standard trip, while getting down from the ship and transferring to the island through small boats, visitors will be taken through a ride and will be shown these under water corals through glass bottom, snorkelling is usually included in this trip. Though this is only for a very short duration (5 to 10 minutes). People willing to see more of these can hire a boat independently and enjoy. Additional amount has to be paid for each ride for 30 to 45 minutes.
Mehek Syed
On day three,it was the turn of Jollybuoy Island, and it was here I had the experience of my life time. Truly Awesome. I did snorkeling here. Something that even my mother was afraid to do,I did it at the age of 11. The fear of water was there initially,but when we ventured with the help of our guide at Jollybuoy Island,all fears were let loose. Today,I don't fear the vast expanse of water anymore.Thank you Dad!What are you waiting for girls,go pester your dads and have a blast!
Go Snorkelling in Jolly buoy islandYou would need to get permit in advance along with your tickets to visit this little beautiful island. Do take care of ferry timings that operate from 10.30 am to 2.30 pm only. If you dont want to do snorkelling then do try glass bottom boat ride through which you can see fishes and corals underneath.
Take a fascinating ride in glass-bottom boat on Jolly Buoy Island
Reeti Srivastava
We came back to Port Blair and made our way to Wandoor which was our stop to catch a boat to Jolly buoy island.Jolly Buoy is another beautiful island surrounded by mesmerising green-blue water. You can try snorkelling or take a trip by a glass boat and peep through it to see underwater world.
Falgu Satapathy
Jolly Buoy Island is a part of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. The park is in Wandoor situated at a distance of nearly 30 kms from Port Blair. From there you will travel by a ferry, and then through a boat to the island. I recommend each one to visit here because of the amazing, colourful live corals and fish. You have to take permits and tickets either from the tourist office or you can just come over to wandoor and book your tickets from the counter. but my advice is to do it in advance as only a fixed number of tourist are allowed to enter. Carry extra clothes for the water activities like snorkelling, glass bottom boat rides. This place has the best underwater life in whole of andaman. Island has changing rooms and toilets but nothing more. This is a plastic free zone and very clean. Its worth mentioning an old man who was cleaning the place who helped us to take some pics and it was good. We had no spare clothes still we went for the water activities, enjoyed to the fullest and came back soaked. While returning we prefered the local bus and am glad we did that.
Subhrajyoti Parida
Jolly Buoy was nevertheless the most scenic beach of all we visited in Andaman during our 5 days trip. It is a 'No-Man's Land' and doesn't have any facility for changing room nor toilets. It neither has any provision for killing time if you get bored of the blue seascapes, clear water, and white silvery beaches. But this island fills you with enormous peace and is perfect for a break from the hectic schedules of city life. It is as if time slows down here. Mother Nature has bestowed this island with some of the breathtaking sceneries which are pristine, serene and sublime. We were really excited experiencing such wonderful natural bounty in the midst out busy schedules back in the mainland. Now back to our trip, we changed our clothes and ventured into the waters. The life guards posted their have earmarked certain stretch of the beach within which the tourists are allowed to stay so that we remain within their reach in case of any untoward incident. So while strolling on the beach we ensured we remain within these safety limits. Jolly Buoy, because of its clear waters, rich corals and other marine life, is well-known for scuba diving, snorkelling and for those who don't want to dive into the waters, glass bottom boats are available. There are around four coral reefs which can be seen from the glass bottom boats and believe us, it is worth investing every penny ! We went an hour long ride on glass bottom boat experiencing some of the most colourful, diverse marine life consisting of mostly a variety of corals, sea cucumber, beautiful species of fish, eel , blue & black star fish etc. We used to pull over a black plastic sheet on our heads to have a clear view of the magical wonders under sea at each of the coral reefs. Soon we felt hungry. So we had our lunch in a quiet place around they but not that far from the reach of the life guars. We took several snaps while moving in the beach, capturing memories for rest of our lives. Our return ferry reached at about 4pm and soon we were on our way back to Port Blair but not before catching a glimpse of 'Dollar Fish' at Wandoor beach which is mostly exported from Andamans. It is a species of sea fish, red in colour and as per the locals, it is one of the sought after delicacy in the town.
Jyoti Mahar Kundu
A great place to see the under water world. This place boasts of the most amazing corals and pristine beaches one could ever witness in a life time. Jolly buoy and Redskin islands have an alternate opening i.e When Jolly buoy is open for six months(the corals need time to grow) Redskin remains close and vice - versa. These two island and few others are a protected site under Mahatma Gandhi National Park Project. This island like many others in port blair is a no-plastic zone. The only way to reach Jolly buoy is to take a ferry from Wandoor beach. It is imperative in port blair. There are no restaurants or eateries of any kind at Jolly buoy or Redskin, so, i strongly suggest you carry your own food! Upon reaching you can take a boat ride, walk around on the beach, do snorkelling or just get in the water and enjoy the beauty of the place. The snorkelling gear is available on rent and the guys(guides) will assist you underwater with snorkelling. Once you don your snorkelling gear its a different world out there, beautiful, colourful corals everywhere and such clear view of the entire sea! It should in-fact be on top of your list when you visit port blair.
tamanna tripathy
This beach can be visited while staying at Port Blair. One needs to obtain the Forest department pass for a trip to Jolly Buoy island the next morning. The boat to this island leaves Wandoor at around 9 am. The boats usually get crowded with tourists. But the one-hour boat cruise over the beautiful blue waters makes it easier The Island is amazingly beautiful with turquoise pristine waters surrounding it. Check out the pictures to see how the waters change colors. This is another place for snorkelling. Best thing about this place is that Jolly Buoy is plastic-free and junk-free, thanks to sensible and simple restrictions well enforced by the government
Anand Menon
We had to get off our ferry into a glass-bottomed boat to reach the island. The water here was clearer than any I had ever seen. The corals at the sea-bed were clearly visible and we saw entire schools of clown fish (in common tongue – Nemo) swimming through the corals. The boatman took us close to the shore where we got down into the beach. It looked just like paradise – the white sand in the beach, the islands surrounding ours, the beautiful clear water with corals in the bottom, the sea with multiple shades of blue as the depth changed and the clouds moved above, the warm sun and the cool breeze.
Nancy Nance
It's a beautiful island and a good diving spot. Don't carry the plastic bags. The bags are checked before you go there.
Shriram Chandak
The best Island and the best beach ever!!!!! Reaching to this place is very tough.Only 70 tickets are issued per day , and the people willing to go are 300-400.We knew going there will be very difficult, but out of no where we made some good local friends who helped us to reach this place. No eatables and no plastic bags are allowed there, we are required to deposit everything before leaving for JOLLY BUOY Island. After reaching there , then we came to know why is this one of the MOST beautiful ISLAND of Andaman. The cleaniness of the beach and the colour of the water makes it more app. The only place in andaman where we could see Star Fish....
Manikuntala Das
This place is amazing if you want to spend your time leisurely. Reach the Wandoor Jetty by 8 am in the morning or as early as possible. You need to get your permits done. After that, board the ferry you are allotted and reach Jolly Buoy. Spend around 3 to 4 hours there and then you need to return by the same ferry.