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September - May
6 out of 36 attractions in Port Blair

North Bay Island Andaman

Take a ferry from Port Blair for a day’s trip to the beautiful North Bay Beach. The North Bay Beach organizes a great number of water based sports and activities like walking underwater and snorkeling, However, the star attractions here are the glass bat riding that comes at INR 300.00 per head and scuba diving at INR 4000.00 per head. There is a huge coral reef that is home to many marine species that put on a colorful display. The beach has a lighthouse that one can visit. They view from the top of the lighthouse leaves one in awe.
After that we went to north bay island again in the same ferry That took around 15-20 minutes during which the guide told us more about the history of that place. The north bay island was just for water sports. Andaman is famous for Scuba as well as you can enjoy Snorkeling, Sea Walking, Glass Bottom Boat Ride, and semi submarine coral safari and many more. And here was my
Wander with Sakshi
Candida John
North bay Island - The Paradise for Water sports.SCUBA was the apt activity to overcome my fear of going deep underwater. Though I was determined to take up scuba this time, after my training commenced and started breathing underwater, I pulled myself out and said, "Iam not doing this. I have fear for underwater and so I can't". My trainer & my friend said, " U came all the way to try it. U can definitely do".Then I tried again & my timing improved. I came up after few mins not being able to withstand the pressure underwater. Relaxed a bit & dived down again, this time to enjoy the real beauty of the Marine world. And that's it !! My trainer had to finally pull me out telling "Your Times up" 😃The excitement of overcoming your fear, which you thought you would never do it is something incredible. Fear has two meanings- Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. The Choice is yours 👍
Kristil Ane
Next stop was North Bay Island. This island offers so much to us individuals with its beautiful coral reefs. There are various water activities conducted here. One of my favorite was Scuba Diving! Other activities were Boat rides, Snorkeling, Sea Walk and the Coral watching! A must visit island!
Arijit Mullick
The picture seen at the back of 20 Rupee note is the North Bay Island and the lighthouse seen in the image, is the light house at North Bay Island.Sea Walk upon arriving at North Bay Island