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6 out of 36 attractions in Port Blair

North Bay Island Andaman

Take a ferry from Port Blair for a day’s trip to the beautiful North Bay Beach. The North Bay Beach organizes a great number of water based sports and activities like walking underwater and snorkeling, However, the star attractions here are the glass bat riding that comes at INR 300.00 per head and scuba diving at INR 4000.00 per head. There is a huge coral reef that is home to many marine species that put on a colorful display. The beach has a lighthouse that one can visit. They view from the top of the lighthouse leaves one in awe.
Anil Kumar
5. A Rain in North Bay Island:This island is usually covered on the second day of your Trip to Andamans and you will be picked by a boat from water sports complex in Port Blair to this island. Being to beaches many times, all I have experienced is the wrath of sun and heat for most of the time. But, this day will always be memorable as I got drenched in rain which stopped all water fun activities in the island for almost an hour. The day was all cool and calm till we reached North Bay at 12.00 p.m. As I had made up my mind to do scuba diving in Havelock, I went on roaming around North Bay eating junk foods sold around the beach. Most of the people were enjoying snorkelling and scuba here and suddenly the skies turned cloudy and it started raining. The rain bought back the liveliness to all nature around and that waiting period of standing under a roof, trying to count the droplets from dripping from roof made my trip lovely and awesome.
Sakshi Chaudhary
All the water junkies, North Bay Island is the perfect place for you. It has all the water activities- Scuba Diving, Semi submarine, Glass boat, Snorkeling, Sea Walk, Dolphin Boat Ride. Fun Fact- The scenery printed on the back of a 20Rs note is of this island. North bay may remain closed due to bad weather so you should confirm once before planning your trip.
Biswanath banerjee
North Bay Island::North Bay Island is one among the most popular destination at the Andaman Islands. Usually, this trip is covered as part of both North Bay island along with Ross Island. However, you could also select just North Bay island trip as well for that you have to charter a private boat from Andaman water sports complex. Now, the boarding point for North Bay island keeps changing based upon Government regulation. Sometimes it is Andaman Water Sports Complex and Sometimes it is Junglighat jetty. You will have to know where to go to board the ferry before moving to North Bay Island.North Bay Island offers people with beautiful coral reefs alluring to visitors who are visiting this destination for the first time. Activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walking, glass boat ride, semi submarine are available at the island. Apparently, the light house seen at the back of a 20 Rupee Indian note is from the the North Bay Island.
Priya Saxena
North Bay Island has one attraction that got its maximum fame from something that we carry in our wallets every day. The place in the picture on the back of the Rs. 20 note, the one with coconut trees, sea,and a lighthouse, is North Bay Island. There are plenty of water sports and activities that one can indulge in, though I personally would not recommend it for water sports if hygiene is important to you. But do climb up to the top of the North-Point Light House to get amazed by the scenic views.
Let me tell you beforehand that North Bay island is ideal for those, who are looking forward to adventure sports , because that’s the only thing you get to do there . There’s a range of activities starting from scuba diving, snorkeling , deep sea walking , glass boat etc . Scuba diving costs range from 6000 -7000 per head. All activities are guided by trained supervisors and safety is their highest priority . Again one has to really experience the thrill to get the feel of it , but I don’t think , I need to explain any of you, how it feels to be surrounded by colourful coral reefs and get to touch fish of different sizes and get tickled in the feet by unknown creatures deep down in the ocean.. yeah .. that’s scuba for you in very few words .Best part is you don’t need to be a swimmer to take part in any of these activities.