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Raghurajpur Artist Village

If you want to explore what the art of Odisha looks like, Raghurajpur is the best place to visit. This is a village hidden amidst palm and betel vines, where artists can make you get lost in the charm of their art. There you find thatched huts with outer platforms where the artists sit and do their work. These are also like their art studios where you can watch them working. Pattachitra or artwork on mud plates is the traditional part and other items of terracotta, papier mache and other stuffs are also made here. The Gotipua is the academy of dance here which polishes the art of Odissi started and nurtured by the Great Guru Shree Kelucharan Mahapatra. Other than this the worship of the loacl deity is also worth a watch here.
Day started with beach fun. Today we planned to hire a bike on rent which we hired from "MY PURI BIKE RENTAL" https://g.co/kgs/eUgMMdThey charges ₹300 for a 12 hr Fascino Scooty. They were too polite and offered pickup and drop from hotel premise. We then explored places nearby Puri1. We went to Raghurajpur Craftsman village where we saw famous #Pattachitra Arts which is made on Palm leaf with all natural colors. We bought some of art's which costs 1k. It's 10 km from Puri.
After witnessing the beautiful and mind blowing patachitra art work, we came to a village which is known as Rahurajpur (near Puri). This is one of the villages approved as 'art village' by Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH). It has 115 row of houses and every house has its own story to create art works.
Siddharth Sujan
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RaghurajpurRaghurajpur is a small artists village situated 15 kilometers away from Puri. It has been named a heritage village because every household delves into Patachitra craft. I had been to Puri quite a number of times before but never had i been here. Reaching this village we were welcomed by the head of the village Mr. Sreedhar Maharana, who told us various mythical stories about the village. Soon after, they called us for lunch, Sterling never lets you down, they had arranged tradition odia food for us where we sat cross-legged and had our food served on banana leaf.I've always had a thing for local traditional food, so it was definitely a delightful experience eating there, in their style. The spread included quite a number of items of which i remember just a few names. Khichuri was served with a mixed veg curry, dalma (traditional lentil preparation), doi (curd) begun (aubergine) some more curries and papad, for desserts they had chura kadma with chenna (cheese curd), which is said to be a locally restricted food found only within ten kilometeres of the village, and payesh (rice pudding). It was not at all a flashy meal but i could taste the amount of love went into the making of it! You can experience this lunch at a cost of Rs. 650/- per head.
Kritharth Pendyala
Raghurajpur, in Odisha has been demarcated as a traditional art and craft village. The entire village is full of artists who create the "Pattachitras" or scroll paintings, traditionally done on palm leaves. It is an experience to visit this village, and see how the painting is meticulously done!