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Raghurajpur Artist Village

If you want to explore what the art of Odisha looks like, Raghurajpur is the best place to visit. This is a village hidden amidst palm and betel vines, where artists can make you get lost in the charm of their art. There you find thatched huts with outer platforms where the artists sit and do their work. These are also like their art studios where you can watch them working. Pattachitra or artwork on mud plates is the traditional part and other items of terracotta, papier mache and other stuffs are also made here. The Gotipua is the academy of dance here which polishes the art of Odissi started and nurtured by the Great Guru Shree Kelucharan Mahapatra. Other than this the worship of the loacl deity is also worth a watch here.
Bima Choudhury
First stop was an artist village – Raghurajpur. There are somewhere around 100 beautifully painted and decorated houses, the artisans here exhibit their paintings, mainly pattachitra (palm leaf painting) and other handicrafts. Apart from being a heritage village, this is also the birthplace of famous Odissi dancer, Kelucharan Mahapatra. This really is a beautiful and artistically decorated village, all the houses exhibit their art-work eagerly explaining the techniques that had been employed while creating some of the art pieces.
Kundan Kumar
Next day we headed back to Bhuvaneshwar for sightseeing. We visited the ancient Lingaraj temple, Raja Rani temple, Udaygiri and Khandagiri caves. We were not much interested in visiting zoo but my friends told that it is a good place to visit.Top must visit place in bhuvaneshwar are:-1. Lingaraj temple2. RajaRani temple3. Udaygiri and khandgiri caves4. Zoological Park5. DhauligiriWe were back next day to Hyderabad but the art of Raghurajpur remains in my heart. You can check more about the Raghurajpur, konark temple, things to experience in puri and must visit places of puri at my blog
Disha Kapkoti
In the year 2000, Raghurajpur was first recognised as Odisha's first heritage craft village. The village is within the Puri District and is known worldwide for the resident artisans who have mastered the art of Pattachitra, which are miniature paintings on cloth or palm leaves. The 120 families in the small village are dedicated to this ancient craft and apart from the traditional paintings, other items such as paper weights, side tables, masks, papier mache and toys are beautifully crafted by the residents of this village.