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Chand Baolu StepWell

This is a step well that looks much more beautiful than just a well. This is now under the administration of the Archeological Survey of India and is an evident example that the Rajputs never ran out of water. The geometric complexity of this monument makes it even more attractive and charming. The green water of the well is no more in use but makes it a prime tourist attraction. The place is in the Abhaneri District of Eastern Rajasthan.
चांद बावड़ी में बनी है एक गुप्त सुरंग - दुनिया की सबसे प्राचीन और बड़ी बावड़ी को अंधेरे-उजाले की बावड़ी के नाम से इसलिए जाना जाता है, क्योंकि चांदनी रात में एक दूध की तरह सफेद दिखाई देती है। 100 फीट से भी ज्यादा गहरी बावड़ी में न सिर्फ एक नृत्य कक्ष बना हुआ है बल्कि इसमें एक 17 किलोमीटर लंबी गुप्त सुरंग का निर्माण भी करवाया गया है, जो
Pavithra G Srinivas
Chand baori step well is known for its beauty. Located in the Abhaneri village is dedicated to goddess of happiness and Joy known as Harshat Mata. The history about the Construction of this step well is to conserve maximum amount of water. At the bottom of the well, temperature is 5 degrees lesser than that of outside temperature, this well was an iconic place for the gatherings during the ancient days. The well also composed of a room built for the Royal Family to rest. The well has about 3500 steps with a depth of 30 meters. The Chand Baori is 13 stories massive construction.