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Feel the bridge vibrate if you cross over it on your vehicle or simply get some great pictures clicked here.
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Lakshman Jhula

Considered to be the most popular of all the attractions in Rishikesh, the Laxman Jhula is a suspension bridge built across two banks of the Ganga River. This majestic structure was constructed in the year 1939 and has become a landmark in Rishikesh since then. Strong winds cause this bridge to sway a bit and it even vibrates when vehicles pass over it. The legend behind the bridge is that Laxmana of the Ramayana had crossed over the Ganges using ropes from the very same spot where the Laxman Jhula stands today. The view atop this bridge is stunning and one is bound to pose for a few clicks here.
Mrigakshi Chetia
LAXMAN JHULA:This time we decided to walk during Evening to gaze the immense sparkled lightnings of LAXMAN JHULA. Mentioning the distance again, it is nearly 1.7kms from Hilltop Swiss resort, Tapovan. Unlike RAM JHULA you can only walk through this bridge. However, there are multiple parking areas nearby.Also, you can visit 13th floor LAXMAN MANDIR which is just located in the other end of bridge. I would definitely suggest you to visit in the evening time.
We reached to Rishikesh little late afternoon. Our hotel was at par of Laxman zula and to our surprise there is no decent transportation to easily reach the other side of Zula, which are basically foot bridges. There are ways but some long routes which Auto walas were not much interested to go. So along with luggage we had to walk a long distance to reach hotel. Walking on the bridge just above mighty Ganga and watching whole city view along the banks of mighty river makes you fall in love with the place immediately.
दिन 10 उत्तराखंड ट्रिप का आखरी दिन की शुरुवातआज यात्रा का अंतिम 10 वां दिन था।  इसलिए मैंने फैसला किया कि जो रास्ता मिले वहा चलना है।   मुझे ऋषिकेश से प्यार  हो गया था।   यह आज और भी ज्यादा बढ़ने वाला था।  इन दो  तीन दिनों के दौरान, लक्ष्मण कई बार झूला देख चके थे ।  लेकिन आज बहुत देर तक वहा रुक गए थे।  मेरे आंखो मे उसको समेट कर लेके जाने वाली थी। लक्ष्मण झूले से दूर तक नजर जा रही थी वो गंगा मैया को मन ही मन शुक्रगुजार थी। यह से घर जाने का में ही नहीं था। लेकिन मुसाफिर हूं यारो.. नए सफर के लिए निकालना ही होगा । आज का दिन ऐसे ही जाने वाला था।
Abhishek Gupta
Next day we had breakfast at nearby restaurant and moved to Laxman Jhula. Laxman Jhula is also a suspension bridge approx 3km upstream from Ram jhula. We spent some time at one of the river view cafe at Laxman Jhula. The view of colourful rafts floating in river. After clicking lots of pictures and collecting memories it is a time to go back to home.
Srishti Girdhar
TIME OF TRAVELWe took the weekend trip in last week of February before the whole lockdown situation was to set in. We had deliberated and discussed all aspects of the trip and had also booked the hotel and Volvo bus for both sides i.e. going from Delhi to Rishikhesh and Rishikesh to Delhi. Only to decipher later that nothing that we had booked will work out.BUS TO TRAINWell, as stated above we had done booking of Volvo Buses with a startup called Zingbus which has decent buses and they all leave from Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi. We had booked for an overnight journey hoping to get some sleep. The bus to start with was not on time which we neglected in the excitement of the trip. The bus has decent seats and provides thin blankets for the journey. The journey was decent except few bumps on the road here and there. The bus stopped only once for basic washroom break and deboarded us at the outskirts of Rishikesh by 6:00 a.m. in the Morning.Not to worry, there are enough Auto wala that will take you to the beautiful sides of Ganga River near Laxman Jhulla for a slightly higher prices which range anywhere between 200-500 Rupees.During our return we did not take the bus route as it was not as comfortable as we thought and therefore, we on the spot a few hours before our return journey booked tickets in the infamous Nanda Devi which runs between Dehradun to New Delhi. Luckily, the tickets were confirmed and we did not face any issue in the return journey. To answer the curious minds, we tried taking local bus from Rishikesh to Dehradun to catch the train but after few failed attempts we took local car safari ride which runs between both cities and charges you anywhere between 100-200 rupees.HOTEL AND STAYAs mentioned above, we had booked everything and in the same manner we had booked hotel also which was right across the Lakshman Jhulla. That after being tired from the bus journey we were looking to rest but to our disappointment the hotel had some issue in the booking and our rooms were to be give only at 12 in the Noon.That is where the real adventure began for us, after being turned out at the “so called” booked hotel we went ahead and first of all hired a “HIMALAYAN” bike for ourselves. The shop owner was a very cooperative person and helped us in all manner in renting the bike. You can hire the bike anywhere between 1000-1500 Rupees per day.We then through a common friend got a reference of a Camp cum hotel which offered rooms just across a small river backside. The Camps were named “Ambika Resort” where you get wonderful rooms with scenic beauty and food to relish. The details of the person can be sort through us. We would happy to help the voice of Mr. Modi i.e. “Vocal for Local”.