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Plan a trip to Rishikesh anytime from March to October.
The bridge is open all through the week from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm.
Feel the bridge vibrate if you cross over it on your vehicle or simply get some great pictures clicked here.
All year
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Lakshman Jhula

Considered to be the most popular of all the attractions in Rishikesh, the Laxman Jhula is a suspension bridge built across two banks of the Ganga River. This majestic structure was constructed in the year 1939 and has become a landmark in Rishikesh since then. Strong winds cause this bridge to sway a bit and it even vibrates when vehicles pass over it. The legend behind the bridge is that Laxmana of the Ramayana had crossed over the Ganges using ropes from the very same spot where the Laxman Jhula stands today. The view atop this bridge is stunning and one is bound to pose for a few clicks here.
Prem Bahadur
DAY 1: Its Friday, I have taken off from my office to make this trip happen.
Rajesh Kumar Sarkar
The next morning I spent time in at the near by place like Laxaman Jhula and the Laxman Temple
Money Sharma
Seeing Rishikesh: Since we had limited time, we chose only to experience the best of the things in the town. Else, one can easily spend a week experiencing Rishikesh completely. After we got down at the Laxman Jhula, we combed the area and searched for hotels where we could stay for the night. We were lucky to discover hotels that offered mind-blowing views of river Ganga.
Because it was raining in the morning and no clear sky.. whatever normal activities happens in Rishikesh was not happening so with my little heart I decided to just go for normal sightseeing .. I was staying very near to lakshman jhula so first place to cover was #budhhacafe# .. secondly - #thebeatleashram# and third was parmarth niketak aarti .. with Walk I could just cover these places and in the last .. I took a cheese cake and around at 9.30 pm I was sitting at Gangaghat and was enjoying my pastry ... Trip was not how I expected but I could have not better ... I think that is why it is said that when u go to mountains .. don't expect rather just be there and enjoy every bit what nature is serving you !! Taddaa ... Will come with some other short stories 😉 Expenses RS. 480/- + 500/- (bus from and to Delhi) RS.  800/- (hostel) RS. 1500/- (roughly for my food)
Rashi Jain