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Rozafa Castle

Nilanjana Dutta
Rozafa Fortress Legend has it that three brothers who set out to build the castle would work all day but the walls would collapse at night. After such repeated events, they sought advice from some wise men who told them that they must sacrifice someone for the castle walls to stand. The brothers decided that whichever one of their wives brings them food the next day would be sacrificed. The brothers also made a pact to not tell their wives of this. But the two elder brothers told their wives while the youngest brother remained true to the pact. The next day, the youngest brother’s wife, unknowingly, arrived with their lunch. The brothers told them of the sacrifice that was to be done and that they intended to bury her in the walls of the castle for it to stand. She did not protest but only asked for a part of her body to be kept out; her right breast to feed her infant, her right hand to caress her infant and her right leg to rock her infant’s cradle. Her name was Rozafa.