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Railway station

New Jalpaguri Railway Station

New Jalpaiguri railway station is main railway junction in Jalpaguri district, nearby Siliguri.
Sahil Raut
It was early morning, about 5 – 5:30 when I woke up from my upper berth. There was already too much light – the time zone effect had kicked in. The air was now cooler, as I looked outside, our train was zooming through the plains, piercing through the morning mist. In my previous trip to Uttarakhand, I was in awe to see the mountains emerging out of the crust so abruptly – vast plains and then the huge wall of mountains lying in the front, a wall that never ends, a wall that leaks rivers, so immense that there are cities on top of it. I was looking for this wall when we arrived at New Jalpaiguri, but no sign of it yet. From the NJP station, it is always a good idea to take a prepaid jeep upto Darjeeling. It set us back by Rs. 200 each in a Sumo that accommodated 11 including the driver, with couple more on the roof.
Vikram Phadke
Reached at 11 pm.. Night Stay