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Jagdish Temple

Located in the old city of Udaipur, this is again one of the temples you should visit for the craft and interiors. The architecture is something that will surely catch your attention. If you are a historical buff, this is one of the things to do in Udaipur. There are ceremonies and musical shows held most of the times inside the temple. One of the activities to be done here is to feed the squirrels that can be seen in large numbers. It is just a few minutes from Lake Palace and can be combined and planned together. The idols as well as the carvings are quite old as well as has aesthetic value to it. The environment is serene and gives you a relaxed feel away from the hustle- bustle of city life.
Deepak Kashyap
Jagdish temple is a Hindu temple situated in Udaipur. It is an important monument which engages a lot of tourism through out the year. The temple is a minute walk from City Palace of Udaipur. It is temple of Lord Vishnu. The temple has been in continuous worship since 1651 and is also known an Jagdish ji.Architecture of the Temple :Jagdish temple is one of the best architectural wonders of the Mewar dynasty. Jagdish temple showcases the Indo- Aryan amazing architectural style. The temple is built keeping the rules of Vastu. This three-storied temple is built on raised platform flaunting magnificently carved pillars, beautiful halls and painted walls that are filled with vibrant colors and intricately decorated ceilings. Location of Jagdish Temple:It is located at heart of the city in the most popular old Udaipur city just on the other side of lake PicholaIt is near to all amazing locations of Udaipur like city palace, boating point, lake Pichola and some amazing restaurants as well.You can reach this part of the city by taking autos and cabs which are readily available in UdaipurTimings:Gates are opened as early as 4.30 Am and there is just one halt during the afternoon hours. Best time to visit this place is early morning or late evening :)Recommendation :Watching the Aarti is always the highlight of this spiritual place.I am attaching the photos of the time I went there and it was one amazing place. This will give you a better idea and feel of this temple.Please visit this place if you are anywhere in udaipur :)
Vikram Mn
As we took a lot of time in the fort we could just go the temples nearby and the main attraction of it was Jagadish Temple which had pooja going for half an hour. Felt blessed, truly!Went to Bagore Ki Haveli in the end but that was closed so just sat by the lake for some time and came back to room. Luckily as they had a cow shed downstairs we were able to have cow's milk during our tenure there.
- The main shrine is surrounded by four other smaller shrines of Lord Ganesha, Sun Lord, Goddess Shakti, and Lord Shiva.
Arundhati Bhunia
1. Time to visit - anytime
Priyanka Sanjay
Started our day with some spiritual vibesLuckily the weather was so so so pleasant and the cool breeze was making the dark cloudy day more romantic. If you are not lucky as us you can get a bike or a scooter to roam around, and I will suggest a two wheeler only instead of a cab because the old city has narrow streets and it will be easy with a two wheeler. And you can easily rent a bike or scooter just for rupees 250 to 350 per day. first of all we reached to Jagdish Ji Temple, its in the old city. Even you can walk by these narrow streets and trust me you will love it, even me and my husband walked so long and there is something in this old city you will find it so refreshing and calm. You will find some lovely cafe here on streets if you feel hungry feed your stomach or just grab a tea. after that we reached Amet Haveli followed by Bagore ki haveli it is situated on the cost of lake Pichola. After that we went to Maharana Pratap Monument, Museum just beside the monument. We saw the models of different Forts.