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5:30 AM to 10:30 PM
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September - May
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Jagdish Temple

Located in the old city of Udaipur, this is again one of the temples you should visit for the craft and interiors. The architecture is something that will surely catch your attention. If you are a historical buff, this is one of the things to do in Udaipur. There are ceremonies and musical shows held most of the times inside the temple. One of the activities to be done here is to feed the squirrels that can be seen in large numbers. It is just a few minutes from Lake Palace and can be combined and planned together. The idols as well as the carvings are quite old as well as has aesthetic value to it. The environment is serene and gives you a relaxed feel away from the hustle- bustle of city life.
Praneeth jain
The Jagdish Temple is a large Hindu temple in the middle of Udaipur. A key tourist place in the city.
Arun Patel
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Tara Singh
On 21st morning, I woke up early to take in the soothing vibe of the sunrise. The bells were ringing at a distant temple and prayers were being chanted. I got ready early and trekked up to Karni Mata Mandir, a renowned temple which will soon become a tirth stan in times to come. Being holi, the ropeway was closed. It took me 45 minutes uphill and 30 mins to trek back.On my way to the town the holi celebrations had already begun. I was joyously bathed in colour from head to toe and I enjoyed every bit of it. Tourists and locals celebrated holi at the Jagdish temple and the architecture here is simply amazing. Playing holi in front of Lord Krishna was a beautiful experience. I'd never imagined I would get to do this one day. People on the streets are friendly but in crowds men do try to grope women and women are advised to stay within their group. But the overall experience was good.In the evening we went to Fateh Sagar lake for a boat ride. After that we walked around the lake, chatting and munching on snacks, taking pictures and enjoying the good weather. The locals come here regularly for a walk and it is quite a stretch.That night we returned to the Ambrai ghat to take in the City Palace and Lake Pichola on a full moon night. The intensity of some experiences never leave you and the sunset and full moon experiences here are among my favourite.
Sudip Kumar Mondal
Moving on, once the 4 hours inside city palace was over we went to our next destination, Jagdish Temple.
Priya Parashar
We started with Jagdish Temple today. The temple has Indo- Aryan architectural which is impressive. The wall carvings and elephant sculptures are magnificent.