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Monsoon Palace

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16 jan-2018
Damini Aggarwal
The palace is situated on top of the hill. It's not well maintained and has nothing much to offer except the panoramic view of the city of Udaipur. There's a sanctuary surrounding the palace near the foothill. The James Bond film, Octopussy was filmed in this palace, maybe that's one of the reason for its popularity.
Sukhmeet Singh
Named after Maharana Sajjan Singh of Mewar dynasty. It was built in late 18th century. This palace offers mind boggling panoramic view of the city and lakes(checkout the cover image at the top). Also known as "The Monsoon palace" and was built to watch the monsoon clouds. Located on Aravalli Hills and just outside udaipur is an amazing sight as it lits up in the evening. You want to see the best sunset of your life? Now, you know where to go.
Akshay Kumar
It was about 430pm and I was in a fix whether to watch the sun's glare reflecting on the lake or go to the mountains and watch the hues while the sun dipped below . I chose the latter . So I started my ride to the Monsoon palace , Sajjangarh around 20kms from Pichola .
Adete Dahiya
Kundan Singh
Situated just outside Udaipur, this 19th-century palace is built on top of Bansdara Mountain. Used as a monsoon palace and hunting lodge, its builder, Maharana Sajjan Singh, originally planned to make it an astronomical center. The plan was canceled with Maharana Sajjan Singh's premature death. It is still an awe-inspiring sight on the Udaipur skyline and offers spectacular views of the city and the areas around.
Madhura Sarkar
The Sajjan Garh fort was originally built as an astronomical centre but was later converted into a monsoon palace. Long winding roads lead up to this palace which is located on the top of a hill. From its vantage point, you can get a panoramic view of the city. The fort itself has not much to offer,but the view is enthralling.
Harsh Sharma
Monsoon Palace (Sajjangarh Fort)Tickets to the Monsoon Palace are given on the entrance which is below the hills and Monsoon Palace itself is on the hills. The road to reach the Monsoon Palace is a dream for a biking enthusiast. Their are many spots which gives great view of the City and the roads are very challenging but exhilarating for the likes of me.
Kshitij Guglani
Today woke up at around 8am and had a good breakfast.Then went with the two guys I met the day before for breakfast. One was from Germany and the other one was from Cyprus. We ended up eating at a place called yummy yoga and I had 5 boiled eggs and a potato paratha. Then we walked back to zostel and then I met this guy from Mumbai. His name was Rahul and he was a pretty chill person and I planned to spend the day with him. We two bros went to monsoon palace and drank gin on the top and then came down and went to lake pichola for boating. We reached lake pichola at 4 30 and we had to wait for 2 hrs to ride during the sunset.Had some Maggie and jaljeera and then slept on the benches there. At 6 30 we got into the boat. The views were magical and suddenly our boat was out of fuel and we had to wait for the rescue boat to come with the fuel. After 30 mins it arrived and so the boat ride which was supposed to be of 20mins was now of 50mins. Yayy.Now we walked back to zostel and then went out for dinner. Went to this really cool Rajasthani restaurant and I had a dish called ghar ki murgi (homemade chicken). It was so delicious.Now we came back to zostel and played pool for like an hour and then went to sleep.
Rohith T V
Sajjangarh Palace is also called Monsoon Palace built by Maharana Sajjan Singh. It was constructed to view monsoon clouds and hence the name. Located at the hilltop, it overlooks the palaces and lakes of Udaipur. It gives you the best view of the city. The best time to visit the place is during sunset. The sprawling city is a must view from one end and sunset between the Aravallis from the other end. RIding the ascent in a bike having a view of beautiful Udaipur is an amazing experience.
Tanvi S
This fort sits right atop the mountain and is must visit during the time of sunset. The view of sun getting down the aravalli ranges is fabulous. There were people lined up on the fort walls just to view this phenomena. And were screaming and cheerful as soon as sun set completely behind the hills! Then later we went to another local restaurant for dinner and were back to hotel rooms early.
Khilna Haria
     It got its name from Sajjangarh after the Maharaj Sajjan Singh built this palace for his resident in 1884. It has a beautiful panoramic view of whole Udaipur. Back side it has an scenic mountain view which gives internal peace to soul.      Its just 9 kms from City palace and takes around 30 mins to reach there. At entrance there is biological garden and zoo for kids were one can get golf car to visit inside zoo.One can enjoy sunset point and one should plan as such that they reach at sunset time.     We enjoyed the panoramic view and peace of the place but missed the sunset view. But no regrets as all things cant be completed in one time. After that we left for ropeway, which is near to City Palace.
Sudarshan Kribakar
Day 4, plan was to visit Sajjangarh fort and return journey till Pushkar. But I was told due to Dussehra, the fort was closed. Travelling 700 kms and returning without seeing fort didn’t make any sense. Hence I decided to at least take a snap from outside. I reached the destination and I was told by authorities that vehicles are not allowed inside and you can trek to the fort if you want. The distance was 5 km one side. Without giving it a second thought, I bought 2 liters of mineral water and started walking on a sunny day. The plan was to reach Pushkar before 6 pm but 4 hrs of my unplanned time was spent to the craze I had to visit the fort.
Praveen Gupta
6. Around 4 pm, reach Sajangarh Fort for the lovely sunset, car/bike goes until the top and it is a 5-6km ride from city. The road goes through the wild life sanctuary and Ghat, so make sure you reach there by 5pm (Check local timings as per the season you are visiting). Sajangarh fort gives you a 360-degree view of city with two big lakes and vegetation surrounding the gorgeous city.
Bhargavi Rathi
I was with my friends and wanted to watch the sunset. The beautiful view of the sunset and the aravali hills will mesmerize you. Do not forget the sit and touch the clouds and the feel the AIR