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Naukuchia Taal

Naukuchiatal is in the Northern states of India, filled with the mesmerizing, Embraced by majestic mountains and abundant leafage amidst the twisting mountain roads, this gorgeous hill station offers beautyful sceneries. Tourists will handily visit Naukuchiatal on their Nainital tour packages because the city is simply twenty two kilometer far from Nainital. Even though this place is notable for the Magnificent Lake, filled with different fascinations, providing bird's-eye venue. One among-st the natural marvels of Kumaon, Naukuchiatal is Associate in nursing idyllic location to relish the fascinating compilations of rare butterflies and vibrant parade of mountain range birds. Naukuchaital is bounded by deep, woody forests and lustrous leafage that makes it a wonderful tourist location, which might enthrall each traveler with its imposing charm. The jungles are the abode of mountain range flora and fauna and also the nature practice this woody forest would proffer the good luxury of marvelous sceneries.
Ishita Das Sarkar
NaukuchiatalNaukuchia Tal, also known as the ‘lake of nine corners’ is located at a distance of 7 km from Bhimtal.The view was breathtaking, just as I had imagined it to be. The green lake was surrounded with green hills, and monsoon-laden clouds sailed through one hilltop to another.
Abhinaw Chauhan
Boating in Naukuchiatal is quite magical, particularly if you choose to do so in the early morning or afternoon. The action-seeking adventure is equally at home in Naukuchiatal. The big attraction here is paragliding. Be sure you have the heart for this- the idea of being in the air is thrilling but some lose their nerve when their feet are suddenly swept off the ground.
Abhinaw Chauhan
Naukuchiatal or nine- cornered lake is located at around 4,000 ft. in Kumaon’s lake district. The lake is 175 feet deep and surrounded by hills covered in trees and shrubs. It is the deepest of all the lakes in the Nainital region. Local legends says that anyone who can sight the nine corners of Naukuchiatal all at once will find their way to heaven. It is within an enchanting valley offering an opportunity of angling and bird watching. A picnic to this beautiful place also offers one with the tempting challenges like paragliding, fishing, rowing, paddling or yachting. Naukuchiatal will even enchant the picnicker with the rare adventurous activity of parasailing. Naukuchiatal is also famous for the escape festival which happens once every year (in the month of May).
Sahil Singh
“Himalayas are beautiful, majestic and mythical too.”Widely known as ‘Devbhoomi’, Uttarakhand is blessed with stunning geography and adventure avenues. The land is not only home to extraordinary natural beauty but also countless myths and legends. Blessed with picturesque vistas and offbeat charm, Naukuchiatal is a gorgeous hill retreat for peace seekers. Secluded from the monotony of urban life, a small getaway to this travel destination in Uttarakhand will rejuvenate your soul.Positioned close to majestic Bhimtal lake, Naukuchiatal is nestled at an elevation of 1220 metres above sea level and still not known to travellers. Surrounded with gorgeous Kumaon Himalayas, this small hill retreat in Uttarakhand is known for its irregular shaped and pristine nine-cornered lake. Adorned with virgin natural beauty all around, the lake is considered being the deepest (175 ft) among all the Himalayan lakes in Nainital district.
We left Saattaal and headed to Naukuchiataal, a lake with 9 corners.