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Naukuchia Taal

Naukuchiatal is in the Northern states of India, filled with the mesmerizing, Embraced by majestic mountains and abundant leafage amidst the twisting mountain roads, this gorgeous hill station offers beautyful sceneries. Tourists will handily visit Naukuchiatal on their Nainital tour packages because the city is simply twenty two kilometer far from Nainital. Even though this place is notable for the Magnificent Lake, filled with different fascinations, providing bird's-eye venue. One among-st the natural marvels of Kumaon, Naukuchiatal is Associate in nursing idyllic location to relish the fascinating compilations of rare butterflies and vibrant parade of mountain range birds. Naukuchaital is bounded by deep, woody forests and lustrous leafage that makes it a wonderful tourist location, which might enthrall each traveler with its imposing charm. The jungles are the abode of mountain range flora and fauna and also the nature practice this woody forest would proffer the good luxury of marvelous sceneries.
The HodoPillais
An hour of Kayaking in the calm lake of Naukuchiatal.
This place also close to nanital. There are so many lake near by nanital. So another popular lake is Naukuchia taal. This is less crowded place compare to nainital. You can do boating  paragliding , water zorbing etc.
So we reached Nainital as soon as possible,then visited good view points of the Beautiful lake Nainital।  Then we took our road to Nakuchiyatal which is very less crowded place to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful lake ☺️☮️ Nakuchiyatal have plenty of adventures sport to enjoy, the best I enjoy is kayaking ☺️ Go for Danai adventures to get good deals 😅
Ayush Parashari
We reached Nainital and then go to other places...
Our next stop was Naukuchiatal. We explored nearby and found our there were lot of water sports activities like Boating, zorbing and kayaking. We had our lunch and took a good walk on cemented pathways uphill. A very nice soothing place to walk around and rest. While exploring water sports activities, he immediately screamed that he wanted to go for Paragliding. I was little reluctant because this was my first time. All right, l admit that I was scared!After few minutes of convincing, we finally decided to go for Paragliding. I was nervous and Trust me it was a heart-stopping experience. Now, there are very different types of Paragliding, like short Fly, which would be about 3-4 minutes, or high fly, which would be 8-10 mins, eagle view, etc. My pilot was very sweet and he charges 1100 for High Fly, I was flying in the air for more than 20 Minutes and covered 2 mountains 3 valley till Bhimtal as well as Naini lake more than 13 km away!! The moment I landed, I was numb. I don’t know why but I cried (Good Tears). While you are up in the air you can feel your heartbeat, your ears can feel wind every milli second. Your body can feel the wind pressure and you have all kind of negative thoughts in your mind. But once you are comfortable, you feel like you are flying, you can see every little house, big mountains and lakes. I have lot to share and I will shortly write a whole blog on my Paragliding experience.