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Araku Valley

Known as the "Food Bowl of south India", the Araku Valley is one of the most prominent tourist destinations of Andhra Pradesh. The Borra Caves are the major attraction over here. The pristine sceneries and the marvellous views make this place a hot favorite of nature lovers and photography buffs. The coffee plantations are a sight to behold as well. the other attractions in this beautiful valley are the Padmapuran Botanical Gardens, Tyda Village and Park, Dumbriguda Fall, Sangda and Katiki Waterfalls, Matsyagundam village and Bheemunipatnam Beach. The Araku Tribal Museum is a place where you get detailed information about ancient tribes, their culture and lifestyles in a very organized manner.
Casual Explorer
We had dinner in the resort and retired for the day since we had to start early for Araku sightseeing
Rohith Ganesh
Visit the Borra Caves, one of the largest caves of the country. The caves are basically karstic limestone structures that are irregularly shaped. It also has some history of how it is found. The local guides can tell you the story or you can look it up on wikipedia.
Deya Das
৪. পূর্বঘাট পর্বতমালার আরাকু ভ্যালি:বিশাখাপত্তনম শহর থেকে ১২০ কিমি দূরে অবস্থিত অন্ধ্রপ্রদেশের শৈল শহর আরাকু। পাহাড়বেষ্টিত এই স্থানটি কফি চাষের জন্য বিখ্যাত।যেহেতু এটি ভ্রমণকারীদের কাছে এখনও সেভাবে জনপ্রিয়তা পায়নি, তাই আরাকু ভ্যালি ভ্রমণপ্রেমী পর্যটকদের কাছে বেশ রোমাঞ্চকর হয়ে উঠবে ।
The Western Ghats in India are synonymous with the monsoons. There is no denying from the sheer beauty of the lush green carpets spread across miles. However, their less hyped counterpart - "The Eastern Ghats" is an equally enchanting land. Araku Valley, in Andhra Pradesh is a popular yet less explored South Indian tourist destination. Though it is advisable to visit in winters owing to heavy rainfall in monsoon, the beauty increases manifold in the rains.
Vaibhav Mishra
It was the 2nd day and we decided to leave early morning to see beauty of eastern ghats. The mountains in Araku valley are part of Eastern ghats which are covered with thick dense forest making them lush green. There are some film shooting spot where we stopped and clicked some pictures.