Araku Valley Coffee Museum 1/3 by Tripoto

Araku Valley Coffee Museum

Sarabjeet Singh
The coffee museum is located very close to Tribal museum. This complex has a coffee souvenir store, craft store, snacks bar, trampoline, cricket nets along with the coffee's discovery and processing history hall. Dhimsa dance form, popular among the tribals, can be experienced live here.It is a great place to hangout and taste sumptuous coffee products. Coffee raspberry chocolates are a must try here along with hot/cold coffee. The craft store is enormous and hosts a huge variety of art and craft items for sale. I stayed here until sunset before moving back to my hotel.
Kirat S
Next I went on to visit the Araku Valley Coffee House. Located behind the main bus stand, this popular spot is quite a charmer. Housing various varieties of coffee, it takes your through the history of coffee not only in India but other countries including Africa. I was surprised by an enthralling sound and light show taking place here and immediately signed up for it. And what a pleasant surprise it was!The best part of course is the best cup of coffee you will ever sip along with the best bite of chocolate cake ever! Yes, ‘best’ really is the only adjective for this absolutely enlightening foodie moment (it is said that good food can instantly increase the happy neurons in the brain)!There is a tribal museum here that helps one understand the culture, the lifestyle, the traditions and also the way of life for tribals. Unintentionally the museum also awakens feelings of sadness and helplessness as one realizes how dependent the human race is on technology and how unnecessary it really is.