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Overview: At Tripoto we are bringing together travelers from around the world to share and discover - real, actionable, crowd-sourced travel stories. We are mapping every single destination in the story - along with the associated content and pictures.

We started out by listening to stories of 1000’s of travelers. We realized that these amazing travel stories need to be bought together on a single platform for easy discovery. We also realized that the information in these stories needs to be presented in a way that other travelers can use it. Tripoto aims to solve the above mentioned problems. For our sharing user base - i.e - active travel writers, bloggers and journalists -  we want to enable them to do the following  – a) Share their stories easily and beautifully b) Create their personal brand c) Act as independent guides

Product Usage: The product and the content are the two most important elements on Tripoto. We are continuously building new features to make sharing and discovering easier, smoother and fun. While Tripoto allows anyone to share a trip with friends and family (through the private trip feature) - only a trip that meets the minimal quality threshold is published on Tripoto

Sharing a trip is easy on Tripoto and the trips come out beautifully with a minimal effort.

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