Holistic Experience in Pushkar Mela 2019

9th Nov 2019

I was at a certain stage in my life where I kept questioning about my life's possibilities. I wanted to explore more, travel more, meet new people more. That's when I decided to travel to Pushkar for the annual mela that takes place with great anticipation.

I was in a self-indulgent mode and explore every possible places I could without using the help of an internet. Which most of you who were in Rajasthan that week may have faced the same problem as I did. Internet was banned for three-days due to Ayodhya case.

Solo travel is great in many ways, one of them is meeting new people. I met two Delhi folks with whom I spend most of my time in Pushkar either eating, taking videos/pictures and climbing over 1000 flights of stairs to Savitri Mata Temple.

Guys, if you visit Pushkar, make sure to stay, eat and chill at these places -

1. Hotel Radhika Palace and Restaurant to chill and casually spend time while you eat, drink and smoke. (No one will ask you to leave unnecessary)

2. Cable car ride or walk to Savitri Mata Temple to get a panoramic view of Pushkar.

3. Attend the evening aarti in the Sunset Point Ghat and feel spiritually lifted.

4. Soak in the beauty of the lake from any Ghats and zone out for a minute or two to the shimmering water.

5. Visit the only Burhma Temple in the world in Pushkar. Sure taking offerings is good but it is always crowded, only luck will tell if you can offer the fruits and flowers.

P.S. This is something I wanted to do but couldn't, take an instagram worthy picture at the Sri Rangnath Swamy Temple. Make sure you visit the temple, it is architecturally blessed.