My view

15th Feb 2015

One Sunday 15th February 2015 while my stay in Rudrapur Uttarkhand I decided to go on an adventure trip to the hills. I along with 3 other friends hired a car and planned to go to Naukuchia Taal and para glide.

Naukuchia Taal is after Bhimtaal on the way to Nainital in Uttarkhand. The para gliding place is in between Bhimtaal and Naukuchia Taal and 50 kilometres from Rudrapur.

There are quiet a few people running these para gliding business there. We went to one of those and bargained from Rs.1200 to Rs.800 per flight. We had to fill a form before the flight.

I took the first flight with my camera on video mode and refer the below link to my birds view from the para glider.

After all of us finished our flights we were approached by a photographer in the landing area. They shoot a video and stills of our flight from the take off to landing. 

They quoted Rs.900 for each of the video and still photos of our flight. We bargained for Rs.300 for each video and still photos.

Refer the below link for the video shot by the photographer.