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The first day in Iceland was not much of a day technically. We landed at the airport at 6 pm in the evening. It was already dark at that time (given the day light hours are gonna be from 9am to 6pm). After baggage checkout we brought the booze, got a prepaid sim card and exchanged some euros for Icelandic krona.After that we took the shuttle to the car rentals. The moment we stepped out of the warm confines of the airport we realised what Iceland was all about. The cold. It was so cold.We received the car and after signing the rental agreements and clearing a few doubts we started for our hotel. That's when we also realised that the inbuilt GPS on the car was pretty much useless. Driving slowly (since I was driving a left hand drive car first time in my life) and following Google maps, we finally reached our hotel (despite missing one turn, haha).We had booked our first night at hotel Tjarna, located in Reykjanesbær, 10 mins drive from the airport. The hotel is nice, warm and comfy, pretty cheap and close to the airport. It's got a small restaurant called Tjarnagrill and a grocery store right below it. We were also pleasantly surprised to find a hindi speaking dude at the hotel reception!We had dinner at Tjarnagrill, since we weren't in the mood to venture very far that night. Tjarnagrill has got fish and chips, sandwiches, burgers, fries and drinks. You will note the food in Iceland is expensive, so you should stop bothering about it right about now!We were too tired from our almost 20 hours journey from Mumbai to Iceland, that we slept off right away.*Hotel Tjarna- 80 euros*Dinner at Tjarnagrill- 3300 ISK*Siminn prepaid card- 2900 ISK*Alcohol from duty free- 7200 ISK(That was like 2 wine bottles, one big Jameson and one Icelandic vodka!)*Finnair flights (Delhi to Reykjavik)- 40,000 INR per person#finnair , #Tjarnagrill , #hoteltjarna , #bluecarental , #fishandchips , #siminn , #reykjanesbaer

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