Day 2: Rampur To Kaza | Spiti Ride 2018

Photo of Day 2: Rampur To Kaza | Spiti Ride 2018 by Etc Fun Unlimited

If you have reached so far, I am hoping you have already seen our Day 1 ride from Chandigarh till Sainj, a small town close to Rampur. Our Day 2 rides starts now and we're so excited and we're feeling fresh after a overnight stay at the hotel. After having breakfast we started off around 7 a.m. in the morning in our car. The landscape was getting picturesque by the minute and as my wife enjoyed filming the landscape I was happy driving. The name of places were even more intriguing as I heard it for the very first time like Hangrang, Nako, Tabo, Pooh, Kaza and the excitement just kept me going on. We found a bit hard to find to our taste as most hotels were either closed dhabas not serving food to our liking, maybe it was just the first week of April and the season was just opening up. Today we drove for 12 hrs straight and reached Kaza, a small liitle town located at Spiiti Valley. The video is a vlog of our day 2 travel. Hope you like it.