Taiwan 4-day Itinerary

2nd Nov 2018

I recently went to Taiwan - specifically Taipei and Hualien and we also did a quick day trip to Jiufen. This video explains our Taiwan 4 day itinerary - I feel the east coast can be explored in 4 days. However, for a more relaxed trip, probably 6 days would be better. I was aching to explore more of Taipei when returning back. 

Here is a brief:

Day 1 - visited the Beitou Thermal springs and Longshan temple in Taipei, walked the Bopiliao old street and then in the evening took a train to Hualien. Later, we also visited the Dongdamen night market

Day 2 - Went to Taroko National Park, did a few trails, also visited the Qingshui cliff and the Qixingtan beach. This was our 'into the wild' day...

Day 3 - we booked a tour that took us to Jiufen, SHifen, and got us back, right in time for Shilin night market. Also checked out the Shifen waterfalls

Day 4 - we walked around Taipei city, visited the Liberty Square and Chiang Kai Shek memorial, went to Taipei 101 and got a view from the top of the observatory, and then returned back.

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Did you know Taiwan is a super visa-friendly country? For Indians, if you have a US, UK, Japan, South Korea, Australia visa which even expired upto last 10 years, you don't need a visa. Does that make you want to plan your Taiwan trip already?!