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Discovering the existence of BordiIf you are one of those people, like me (but, of course), that loves a quite evening listening to the deep rumbling of waves, and rustling of trees by a beach, I am sure you would appreciate a quaint pristine beach.This is a small write up about one such afternoons I spent, while travelling last year along the Indian West Coast.In 2016, I was on a solo Backpacking journey along many places of India, most of which primarily lay along the scenic Indian West Coast.My journey took me along various places, like Kerala (Ernakulam, Munnar, Calicut, Kasargod, Mangalore and such), Konkan Coastline extending all the way from Mangalore till Goa, and then, I hit Mumbai.It was while staying in Mumbai, that I decided to spend some time with a few friends from the city. My plan was to spend some time in the city, and then move on towards Gujarat, Silvassa, and Daman.One such evening, while hanging out with my Mumbai friends at their office, I found out that I could I make a pitstop at a relatively unknown village with a Parsi community, and a beautiful beach called Bordi.I am a sucker for both Culture Travels, as well as, Beaches, and hence, naturally this piqued my curiosity and interest.Onwards to VapiIn the following days, after spending quite a few days having a good time with my Mumbai friends, I took a bus, after an amusing mix-up about first being directed to someplace South of Borivali by 6km, and almost walking two thirds of the way back up north, before actually managing to grab the next available Private service bus towards Surat, Gujarat.

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