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We reached Khatu at 7 in the evening. This was the place which drove me crazy beacuse of the vibrant atmosphere and bustling bazar near the Khatu dharamsala or guest house near the temple. The choori shops, the chappals, the gudda guddi dolls, the showpiece of Rajasthani folk, the food, the yummy Puchka, the different spices and pachaks, the wide range of papad and eatables, everything was very pleasing and absorbing. I spent almost 3 hours in the bazzars and then I went to the temple along with my family. We attended the morning aarti at 7:00 AM in the morning. The temple is of SHYAM BABA, who is another form of krishna ji, the god. All the three temples, Jhunjunu, Khatu and Salasar are the holy places for Marwaris and the person who goes to one will cover all the three temples. Though it was a trip meant for visiting temples which normally people don't prefer going for, specially kids, I wish we could at least go there once in two years, if not one as for me it's a revival of my childhood, my native place, my homeland and my culture.

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