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15. Revdanda -Just 125 kms away from Mumbai in the lesser known village of Alibaug is this quiet and quaint beachside getaway. Not yet driven by commercialization, you can revel in the solitude beauty of Revdanda Beach. Enjoy water and beach sports during the day and camp by its lakeside at night with a bonfire and barbeque to complete the picture.Revdanda Beach lies around 125 kilometres away from the bustling city of Mumbai and is home to the beautiful place Alibaug. A less frequented beach, this place is ideal for a quiet getaway as it lies untouched by concretization. The place offers one a peaceful night of lakeside star gazing, making of a bonfire and roasting a meal, water sports and to sum it all up, fun away from the city. It is this place that will help you unwind. A beach that is lesser known is the Revdanda that is about 125 kilometeres away from the heart of Bollywood city – Mumbai. The place is less crowded and thus is the perfect place to get away to on the weekend. You will enjoy the prospect of gazing up into the night sky by a beautiful lake or camping in tents and building a bonfire to cook ones meals.This place is tailored made by nature to help sooth frayed nerves and give people a great place to come back to time and again. It is only fair that we include this place on my list of weekend getaways from Mumbai. You will sure rave about this place to others once you have visited it. Do give it a try. Revdanda is among the more proximate places near Mumbai. It is around 125km from the heart of the city. This tiny village will ensure you get much-needed peace and quiet. Revdanda Beach is one of the secluded beaches near Mumbai. It has avoided the changes that commercialization can bring. Nature is at its best here.16. Dehna -The ladies, especially those who love to cook and feed others and as well as those men who fancy rustling up dishes will surely like this place – Dehna. Close to the forested area of the Western Ghats, this getaway spot is a welcome relief from the pollution of the city. If one is to plan their trip well, one can get the permission to work on a farm here and get some hands on experience of rural India. The stalls at the local market here let one grind their own chilies and spices and if a bonfire is on your mind then you can get involved in the chopping and gathering of wood to build one. The places of tourist interest here is the Valmiki Ashram and a power project that was built by the villagers at a cost of a whopping 3,500 INR. When here, don’t forget to eat the ‘Bhakharh,’ a chapatti that is made from rice and chutney of chilies.

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