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3 Days
Tehran Tales
Tehran Tales

The capital city of Iran had stunned, shocked and disgusted me at the same time.I had entered Ira...

Srotoswini Svetlana Baghawan
7 Days
Hitchhiking In Iran: The Road Less Traveled

As a traveler, I am always on the lookout for new challenges. A habit that has made me walk&...

Josh Cahill
15 Days
Backpacking in amazing Iran

In 2013 just after finishing my studies, as I had some time to spare before joining the work life...

29 Days
About Iran... and the Iranians

About Iran... Yes, Iran is different... not exactly exotic with reference to the said culture "w...

Catarina Piedade
29 Days
30 days in Iran
30 days in Iran

Distance: 4100 km 30 days October 2015   Bazargan (Turkish border) Tabriz: 3 days Te...

Catarina Piedade
11 Days
Exploring Persia

Iran is one of the most ancient countries of the planet.  Thousands of monuments and picture...

David John Ordonez

About Tehran

Teheran (named after a visit by the mayor of Teheran, before this boulevard became South Korea’s Silicon Valley) is a canyon of glass and steel, and a visceral reminder of the economic powerhouse the country is today. The quickest way to get here from north of the river is to take the metro. One station has a virtual Tesco. Using the touch-screen simulation of supermarket shelves, you can do your grocery shopping and have it delivered by the time you get home. But there are also more sobering offerings. Every station has several glass cabinets lined with gas masks. Is this in the event of a random fire, or in case of an even more random attack from South Korea’s saber rattling northern neighbor? The week before my visit, North Korea issued a statement reminding the world that it could reduce Seoul to ashes in three to four minutes. Despite their fabulous prosperity and hyper consumption, that prospect is always somewhere in the back of the minds of Seoul’s citizens.

Best Time To Visit Tehran

Best time to visit Tehran is from February to June and August

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