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About Terelj

Terelj National Park, MongoliaLocated just 60km from the capital, Terelj National Park offers a glimpse into nomadic Mongolian life without having to journey for days via truck and unpaved roads. It can be done in a day, but many visitors choose to stay with a family and sleep in a ger, the traditional yurt dwelling that many people continue to call home.The small area of the park that is populated can seem a bit touristy, but Terelj is vast, largely uninhabited and can be explored on foot or horseback. A few minutes ride from the main camp and you’ll see Mongolian cowboys riding wild horses and herding sheep. Activities you can indulge in here include rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking and cross-country skiing. Stop by Khagiin Khar Lake, a 20m deep glacier lake, and Yestii Hot Springs.

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