#BestOfTravel Cat Cafe in Myeongdong, Seoul (South Korea)

8th Dec 2017

#BestOfTravel I believe that traveling to a city and not exploring the local experience is like having a dinner without the desserts ;)

Following the above saying, I considered visiting a Cat Cafe in Seoul (MyeongDong).

Myeongdong is one of the most happening places in Seoul, known for its street food and shopping this place attracts lot of tourists all day along till midnight.

Accessible by the Subway metro, public buses and direct transfer to airport shuttle busses makes this place a perfect choice for the tourists.

Even if you are #DogPerson i would suggest to pay a small visit to the #CatCafe in myeongdong. Here is a small video from my trip:

The cafe is right in the middle of the Myeongdong streets and charges just 9000 wons (~9USD) entry fees with a complimentary drink. I picked Honey ginger tea which made the cold walk in the winter season a delight.

There are lot of cats in the cafe in terms of breed,size, color etc. You won't be able to see Kittens :( #bummer i wish they had few kittens with mommy cats too :)

The cats are well taken care and plenty of food bowls for them.

The place is quite clean and hygienic, you have to sterilize your hands before you touch the cat.

You are allowed to touch and pet the cats, but don't hug them or run behind them. try not to use flash and disturb the sleeping or sick cats.

I hope you have fun time with those cute cats.