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Basho, my taxi driver arrived at 8 am sharp to take me for a tour around Seoul....

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Seoul, South Korea is one of the most beautiful Country in Asia....

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161 Sajik-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Don’t tell people you visit Korea w/o visiting its palaces. There are admission fees but you can just walk in without paying because there’s simply too much people for the ushers to manage. Just stick behind a tour group and listen to the guide to know more about the palace.
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105, Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
You can either go to Namsan Tower or 63 City for the best views of the city. While 63 City is amazing, it’s a little out of the way for a brief trip. Plus, Namsan Tower has a little extra to offer. Namsan Tower (aka N Seoul Tower) is located on Mt. Namsan and the walk up to the tower is awesome too. • Namsan Plaza–Here you will find bakeries, music store, convenience stores, a souvenir shop, and ice cream stores. • Korean Restaurant (Hancook) • The Observation Deck–Awesome views! This was perhaps my favorite place on the trip. I got gorgeous pictures of Seoul, and it’s interesting to see how large the city actually is. There is also a prime view of the Han River, an important landmark in Seoul. • Teddy Bear Museum– Okay, I'll be the first to admit I thought this would be a museum of the history of teddy bears (I thought there must have been a factory nearby or something). Instead, it tells the history of Korea in teddy bear displays. They even move when bowing, playing polo, break dancing, etc.. If you have kids, it’s an awesome place for them to take a break and enjoy themselves. Frankly, my friend and I loved it even as college students. Definitely worth the time. • “N Grill” –A revolving restaurant. I cannot attest to this as I am never going to be wealthy enough to match those prices, but it had REALLY great food. Not really the place for kids though I wouldn’t think. This is like a date place, a really expensive date place. • Cable Car–This is really fun to do, and it will get you down to where the taxis are. I’ll tell you how to find it in the Directions section. Tips • Walk up, Ride down. We took there. It’ll drop you off a short ways away from the tower. You’ll pass a university, and head up the mountain in the park. It’ll be one of the stops up the park where most people get off and will be kind of a ledge overlooking the city with other buses sometimes. Usually the driver will tell you when if you ask (don't take the wrong on
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About Seoul

The place of disembarkation by train from Seoul to Busan, this is the central station of Busan. It is also where you can purchase a hop on hop off city tour bus, outside Hotel Arirang Busan.Eat: Fish cakes (Eomuk) at Samjin Eomuk 삼진 어묵 Bakery

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Best time to visit Seoul is May and from October to November

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