Cruise Vacations: Multi Destinations, One Trip


Let's face it - how many times have you boarded yet another flight to yet another destination, and felt it wasn't enough? Exactly what we thought!

So instead of just getting to one destination at a time on every vacation, once every six months, here's your chance to see several places at once in a single trip.

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In recent years, many vacationers have chosen cruises as their preferred vacation, and who can blame them? An amazing ship you diffidently don't see every day, with all the luxuries possible; stunning views during the cruise (unforgettable sunrise and sunsets) and of course a new city tour every day or two of sailing. Such a unique experience is difficult to imitate, even when it comes to the best vacation packages.

More than 85,000 Israelis have enjoyed cruise vacations in 2017, according to data released by NCL Cruise Company. The number of Israelis forecast for 2018 is about 100,000 - a 20% increase in the Israeli cruise market. Israel ranks sixth in the world in the number of cruises relative to the number of residents. When it comes to the United States, more than two-thirds of cruise reservations, on average, are made by Americans.

The field of cruise vacations is the most developing one in nowadays tourism industry. In the early 1990s, nearly 4 million tourists sailed around the world, while in 2015 and 2016 this number increased significantly to 23 million and 25 million, respectively. The global forecast for 2019 is more than 25 million passengers on holiday cruises.

Since it is one of the most sought after trends in tourism today, you will find a wide range of service providers dedicated to sailing packages. Just recently, the Israeli Diesenhaus BTC group acquired about half of "Cruzit", which offers cruises to a wide range of destinations around the world, with the world's leading brands - Royal Caribbean (the largest in the world), MSC and others. The Israeli El Al also began marketing cruises and cruise packages in the middle of 2016.

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The average age of cruise vacationers is 35, and most of them have families with children. Just like any other vacation offered on the ground, cruises also offer everything under the sun - a luxury vacation in a number of destinations around the world, effortlessly and with lots of treats. Israelis especially prefer cruise packages to the Mediterranean for a week or two, which usually includes about 5 port cities on average.

Although there is a very wide price range, depending on the supplier you choose, average prices are roughly around $150 per person per day. This is a very reasonable price given that everything else is included - the cruise, the lodging, the food, the trip in the various cities, on board entertainment, and so on.

The price can get much higher, though, depending on the different components of the package - flight to place of departure, various taxes, the size of the room on the ship, a room with or without a window, luxurious suite with a sea balcony, etc.

A week-or-two cruise isn't enough for you? Want to circle the globe on a cruise ship? Cruise companies such as Fred Olsen in the UK offer sailing around the world in early January. The ship departs from England to Sydney in Australia, and circulates the globe within 108 days. All of this for roughly $17,000. Small fee to pay for a worldwide tour.

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