Discover the Benefits of Allowing Your Child to Take Acting Classes


You don’t have to live in Hollywood or NYC to enroll your kids in acting school. There are acting classes available everywhere – including PA. Despite what some parents might think, it’s not a waste of time or money. Theater classes in particular offer numerous benefits to children of all ages:

Learning how to act builds confidence. Acting is a great way to help shy children develop confidence. In the hands of an experienced theater teacher in a positive environment, a nervous or frightened child will start to feel less and less self-conscious and more comfortable. For some kids, all it takes is a bit of encouragement from the acting coach and classmates.

Acting helps children become better communicators. Part of being a good actor is learning how to display emotion through facial and vocal expression, and the ability to read the verbal, physical and emotional cues of fellow actors. An acting class involves students learning how to hear AND listen. This can lead to children becoming great storytellers and conversationalists.

It teaches the value of teamwork. A lot of people (including adults) prefer to do things on their own, but teamwork is still an essential part of life. In an acting class, students must collaborate in order to practice, create costumes, work on sets, etc. Learning teamwork gives them an advantage later in life, no matter what field or industry they go into.

Being active in the arts leads to better academic performance. Since acting classes help kids to develop more self-confidence, they will be more likely to participate in science fairs, community services, and other school clubs that they might not have ever thought of joining before.

Drama classes boost creativity and imagination. Learning how to act and getting involved in theater helps kids think outside the box. They learn how to identify emotions and express them. By taking on another persona through the characters they portray, young actors learn to look at life from a different viewpoint.

It helps to relieve tension and stress – Acting gives anyone – children or adults – the opportunity to relieve stress, nervousness or anger. If the class ever gives students the chance to prepare their own monologue, they can tap into their own emotions and express some feelings that they have been holding in – in a positive, safe environment.

If you are thinking of enrolling your child in an acting school, Cavod Academy of the Arts is a great place to look into. The Academy offers lessons for all aspects of theater and offers opportunities through community theater productions.