Indian Backpacker in Manchester Pride Festival | Manchester LGBT Pride 2018

23rd Jun 2018

Manchester Pride Festival celebrates LGBT+ life and its a four day event celebrated in Manchester. Manchester Pride 2018 takes place on Aug 24th- Aug 27th. More information can be found on this website :

Manchester Pride campaigns for the advancement of LGBT+ equality; celebrates LGBT+ life and creates opportunities that engage LGBT+ people so that they can thrive.

I was on a day trip from Sheffield to Manchester and it was super exciting to see this event happening as I was never expecting. I loved being part of the crowd that cheers up, sings and dance along with the show. Everyone was so happy and to finish it off, there were a good selection of street food at the corner. After the event, I decided to go around with my friends to explore more of Manchester. More details of the trip and pics will be uploaded in a different article. Enjoy the video and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more simple backpacking videos.

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