Lovely Charms of Loktak Lake


Loktak lake is the biggest freshwater lake in the entire northeast India. It's home to the Sangai (bearded deer) and is the only lake on the planet with floating islands. Below are some must experience things while at Loktak lake.

1. Morning Boat Ride

Wake up early in the morning and head for a boat trip deep into the middle of Loktak Lake.

2. Fisherman Islands

A trip to one of the fisherman islands is a must experience.

3. Rooftop Travel

It's definitely a thrilling adventure for everyone who comes to attend the place.

4. Go Fishing

Rent a boat or just stand on the banks of the lake and fish.

5. Sunset

The Loktak lake sunset is one of which words won't do justice to how wonderful it is.

Places To Visit Near Loktak Lake

● Keibul Lamjao National Park

The Keibul Lamjao, the major skimming national park on the earth, is home to the remainder of the antlered forehead deer (Rucervus Eldii), one of the most imperilled deer.

● INA Memorial at Moirang

The INA Museum has a collection of photographs, letters, badges of ranks and other war memorabilia which reminds tourists about the sacrifices given by the INA soldiers.

● Red Hills (Maibam Lokpa Ching)

Red Hill Lokpaching has its personal recorded uniqueness, which lures countless visitors regularly. Yet, its remarkable past would undoubtedly get the feel of nationalism and a specific inclination.

● Moirang

Moirang is a tiny spot in the Bishnupur range of Manipur. Surely this spot is prized for its – old sanctuary of Lord Thangjing, the romantic story of ‘Kamba Thoibi’.

Where to Stay

Maipakchao’s Homestay is a traditional homestay on the banks of the lake and is a favourite choice here. Book your floating Homestay fully in advance, particularly throughout the high season (winter).

● If staying on phumdis isn’t your cup of tea, the most conventionally suitable choice would be Sendra Park & Resort, an exclusive resort with a magnificent view of the lake.