Mount Abu's Summer Festival 2019

Photo of Mount Abu's Summer Festival 2019 1/5 by Savaari


The desert state of Rajasthan is a land of rough terrains, picturesque landscape, the most beautiful sunsets and royal architecture that mirrors the royal legacy of kings who ruled this place during a time when other kings did not dare to come in the way of Mughals. The magnificent forts and palaces of Rajasthan make it quite a popular tourist destination. People from across the world visit Rajasthan every year to experience richness this land holds to this day.

Photo of Mount Abu's Summer Festival 2019 2/5 by Savaari

The royal state of Rajasthan celebrates it’s one and only hill-station, Mount Abu, right before the monsoons every year. Mount Abu imbibes the festive spirit and transforms into a 2-day carnival, for the the annual Summer Festival.. Celebrated during Buddha Poornima every year, the pleasant weather, tranquil lakes, the grand panoramic views of the hills, along with the richness in culture makes this festival a very popular event. This two-day long festival showcases the rich culture of Rajasthan through its melodious folk and classical music, traditional dance forms, and the vibrant costumes.

Photo of Mount Abu's Summer Festival 2019 3/5 by Savaari

Mount Abu’s Summer Festival is a collaborative effort by Rajasthan Tourism, Municipal Board, and Mount Abu and District Administration. This festival also brings to light the warmth and cheerfulness of the locals who make this event a memorable one for each tourist. This year- 2019, the Summer Festival will be celebrated on the 17th and 18th May.

First Day

The Summer Festival starts with the singing of a ballad followed by the traditional dance, Ghoomar, performed by beautiful women adorned in traditional Rajasthani costumes. It is a sight to watch them perform, and be prepared to get carried away by the tunes that fill the air with their sweet melody. The boat race at the Nakki Lake is also quite epic to watch. There is a dress code that participants of this race follow strictly. Tourists are also allowed to take part in the boat race and and the locals help them with the registrations and such.

Photo of Mount Abu's Summer Festival 2019 4/5 by Savaari

Second Day

With the first day being a fine show of Rajasthan’s rich culture, the second day is all about exciting competitions ranging from Skating Race, Horse Race, Tug of War and Panihari Matka Race. This keeps the energy and boisterous enthusiasm alive among participants and various spectators. Another interesting segment of the fair is the CRPF band performance, which captivates the attention of the audience from the moment the wand swings in the air. In the evening, Sham-e-Qawwali brings some its best qawwals from the country to entertain the audience. The twinkling stars accompanied by the resonant and mellifluous strains of the Qawwali, transform the night into an otherworldly magical experience.

Photo of Mount Abu's Summer Festival 2019 5/5 by Savaari

Finally the two-day grand event is brought to an end with a spectacular display of fireworks. The finale of the festival is a sight to watch, with people looking up at the sky and admiring red, yellow and blue fireworks with new hopes for the next year and an even bigger celebrations. Thus, Mount Abu’s Summer Festival gives outsiders an insight into the lives of simple Rajasthani people, and allows them to immerse themselves completely in the vibrant culture which is warm and welcoming in the truest sense of the term. This makes the Summer Festival the most popular fair in Rajasthan.