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Hi friends, This is Rahul.You never know what happens in the next minute to you, so enjoy every moment in your life to the core like I do. I had gone to a small trip to Mumbai.Here I'm going to share my experiences with you.Basically, whenever I travel, there will be someone accompanying me. But, surprise! I'm alone this time. There is nothing that can stop me as it is "the city that never sleeps".

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Firstly I took a train to Mumbai from my home city Hyd. You don't know what type of people you are going to meet ,but my co-passengers were good because I didn't loose any of my items from my bag.

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Basically, I'm a fat person so I never walk. But this trip made me walk so much that I did walk 22km in 2 days.I never thought that I can do much as I never gone to Mumbai before.By the time I reached there, it's 5 A.M. There was no taxi and Uber etc., So I planed to visit India gate by seeing all the side seeings like high court and all the stuff. My 1st stop was Flora Fountain. Our great Google thalli never told me the correct location. I was roaming there, and finally, I asked a person.Then he said," You already passed it, you need to go back.". Then I went back to it, and it's closed because they were redesigning that place and I walked directly to India gate but I've seen some old buildings constructed by ancient people. Then I walked for 1.3 km and I've seen the side view of India gate. As I'm a photography freak I directly went inside and police called me up and told me that it'll be opened at 7:30am.

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Then I walked to Taj hotel, a great architecture. I took few videos for my youtube channel and I walked in the pleasant morning from there ,I went to marine drive.There is no sea in Hyd. We Hyderabadi's love beaches.

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Then I thought of eating something and I went to Burger King. There was no A.C. I had something and came out and seen a long queue. It was for buses. I was shocked for a minute. In Hyd, you would never see this. I took few pics and left for searching a room.

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As I was walking for a long time, I got

cramps in my legs and I was even unable to talk with owner. Then I took a room for low price. I kept my phone to charge and had a nap. Then I booked a cab to Bandra. There I've seen a good tour of the city, then I understood how Mumbai is. and seen some good places then I have to submit some ID proofs Xerox to the hotel where i stayed. Then I walked for 2 km. Google thalli jai! It's good that I found some place where they serve veg roll and lassi. You won't believe, the lassi is so good. And then I walked for some distance. I couldn't see an exit from a metro then I asked for some help. A stranger had told me and also I've seen few busy people. They will not help you, so be careful before asking.

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Then I had gone to a beach called Chowpatty where Ganesh Visarjan will take place. I had been there for 4 hrs then I went back to my room by Uberpool. I went to a hotel nearby for having dinner. There I had the worst biryani in my life. Last time when I went to Goa, a few months back, Goa's biryani was good then mumbai one.Then I slept after checking my messages and home calls.

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The second day I wasn't able to wake up. Then finally, after battling with laziness I woke up, got freshen up and went to watch a film. Then I ate my first Vada pav and that was so good. I watched DDLJ(Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge) in Maratha Mandir

which was running from 22 years. The duration of the film was 3 and a half hours.

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Then I went to Dhobi Ghat, spent some time there. Later, I went to the worst restaurant, Bademiya and walked to India gate lastly. Then I took a ride in a boat, it was very cool and that was my last wish of mine in Goa, to visit marine ride again. I spent some good time watching happy people and then I went to the railway station. It was fully lighted and I took few pics, then I had Pav Bhaji, Gol Gappa.

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Then I went inside the railway station and observed that it is the biggest railway station in India. I amazed to watch a huge crowd of people and a vast number of platforms. I got into my train, took a nap and was visualizing my city in my dreams. When I woke up by some noise it was still 4 hrs to reach Hyd. It was hard to kill 4 hrs.

So, this was my memorable experience of my sole journey to Mumbai. Happy to share with you all.

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