This Girl Is Cruising Her Way To Become The Fastest Female To Visit All 196 Countries Of The World


If you call yourself a traveller and have proudly added "#Wanderlust" on your Instagram bio, it's time to reconsider that thought for a bit. Coz a certain 27-year-old called Cassandra De Pecol can actually manage to make you feel pretty minuscule in your life. The reason: She is all set to become the fastest woman to travel to all the sovereign countries of the world plus Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine; which brings the number to a staggering 196.

Here's her journey in brief.

The Journey

Cassie hails from Connecticut in America and has always been an extensive traveller. But she has really upped the game since July last year when she decided to go on a quest of becoming the fastest to travel the world. She has ticked off an astonishing 181 countries already and has boarded over 250 flights in the process.

The Voice of Millennials

She claims herself to be the voice of millennials on her website Expedition196, and her pursuit towards a Guinness World Record is to raise awareness for peace through sustainable tourism.

The belief that her visiting the remotest nooks & corners of the world will give visibility to those places. Her travels are her main source of income, and this is what keeps her going.

A Global Citizen

There is just over a month to go before she endeavours to complete what she had originally set out to. Her last instagram checkin was at a swanky restaurant in New York City where she was celebrating her hitherto conquest. Before we know it, she may just be on the road again because she hasn't got much time left on her hands.

Expedition 196

Photo of This Girl Is Cruising Her Way To Become The Fastest Female To Visit All 196 Countries Of The World 6/6 by Prateek Dham
Credits: Expedition196

She updates her travels live on her website called Expedition196, where '196' signifies the number of countries in her plan.

You can follow her journey on her personal website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or on Expedition196 itself.

In case you want more travel inspiration, check out her video below:

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