Why Solo Travel Is (NOT) For You


I have been travelling for more than 10 years now - everytime either with friends or with family. The ideo of solo travel has both fascinated as well as overwhelmed me (even though I've been on multiple business trips, but does that really count :) ). So when I quit my job to give myself a year to figure out if I can sustain a life focussed around travel, I knew I have to start this journey alone.

I hopped on a 2 week solo trip to Himachal in November 2018, and have been on a travel spree since then. This video (and the upcoming ones) is just about the takeaways from my solo trips and how it has shaped my outlook towards travels and life in general.

To me the most striking aspect of being on a solo trip is to wake up to a world full of possibilities. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want and however you want. Now that might sound overbearing but trust me you'll surprise yourself. No amount of words can describe the experience I had on the road - with my hosts, fellow travellers, or sometimes with complete strangers.

Even though I'm not sure if I'll be 'successful' or not, but these experiences are definitely preparing me for the journey called Life.

I don't know if these learnings from travelling solo will impact your thought process. But it will be great if you can share your feedback/experiences/inputs in the comments below.