Morning In Himachal Pradesh Began With A Shock Of Magnitude 4.3 On Richter Scale 


After starting of seasonal snowfalls in various parts of Himachal Pradesh, you may have just started to think about your next trip in Himachal Pradesh. But this recent news from Himachal Pradesh may shake you. Manali in Himachal Pradesh was hit by an earthquake on Tuesday morning (October 26). The magnitude of the tremor is 4.3 on the Richter scale and struck at 06.02 AM at a depth of 10 km from the surface. According to National Center for Seismology, the epicenter of the earthquake took place 108 km North-North-West of Manali, specifically in the Ladakh region.


Photo of Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

How bad is it?

Thankfully, till now no news of the loss of life or property has been reported. Himachal Pradesh falls under seismically active regions of the world and has experienced several earthquakes in the past. So, the houses in this region have been constructed considering this fact. However, you must be careful if you are living or at present travelling this region.

If you are now present in this region, mention your experience in the comment section. Also do not forget to update us if you have any further news regarding this earthquake.

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