Monument Valley In Arizona

4th Jul 2021
Day 14

So what is in what State is Monument Valley?

Actually 2 States, Arizona and Utah. Monument Valley to Grand Canyon North Rim is 248 miles, a 4 hour 20-minute drive ... East Rim is 165 miles, a 2 hour 45-minute drive ... South Rim is 190 miles, a 3 hour 20-minute drive. Page, Arizona is a 2 to 2.5 hour drive, one way, to Monument Valley.

As you travel through the flat desert landscape, huge red monoliths and unique rock formations jut out, giving the valley its name. Breathtaking Hunts Mesa is one of the Monument Valley panoramas.

The Mitten buttes, Merrick Butte, John Ford Point, and Three Sisters in Monument Valley National Park. Monument Valley Park has been featured in a large number of popular movies, including Forrest Gump, Nation Lampoons Vacation, Mission Impossible II, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the new HBO series Westworld.