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Recently, there was a sustainability and development festival in Champawat in Uttarakhand and I was representing my college at the festival. That is how I ended up going there. It was almost a tiring 12 hour journey by bus from Delhi, with a few Dhaba stops in between. The Shiva Dhaba on the way was totally worth a visit with great Paneer Parathas and Makkhan on the way. It will be on your way when you use the fastest route on google maps to Champawat. With Beautiful mountains and too much greenery, Champawat is located in the Kumaoni region in the heart of Uttarakhand. For all those of you, who check pictures of places on google before choosing where to go, you will be misled. Google does not have a lot of images of Champawat and the place look completely different in reality. It looks like a virgin rural town in Uttarakhand with some great trekking routes and beautiful night skies. We stayed at hotel Shiva Residency in Champawat. Surprisingly the hotel had running hot water all the time. One of the other good hotels there is Hotel Edugreen but that hotel is not visible on google either. Because it is a small town, most of the people there do not use google to publicise the place. There are various good restaurants there, like Zykaa, again which will not be visible to you on google. A major perk of going to a place like this is that you have to find your own way around. There is a famous local in Champawat who owns a farmhouse and a lot of tea estates. His name is Edmund. Since he was taking part in the conference, we got the chance to go to his house and tea estate. We ate pancakes and fresh milk cream with that. They also had apricot jam and plum jam which was fresh with no preservatives. They had their own honey bees for honey, cows, chickens, trees which grew oranges, lemons and a lot of flowers. It was so huge that they also owned huge walnut trees and gooseberry trees. They also had an organic farm. Nilrid was the woman of the house, who took care of the home. She showed me her goats and a huge ram. She said that her house is open for all those who want to go and live there, so you can ask anyone about Edmund's farm when you reach and they will guide you there. The journey to the farm can either be a beautiful trek up or you can go there by a bike. I choose trekking!

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