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Gandikota - Day 1- We started at around 9.30 in the morning from Bangalore got a few tents and sleeping bags that would solve our stay issues and drove upto Kadapa district as there aren't many hotels or resorts around Gandikota that one can stay at . The drive from Bangalore to Kadapa district in Andhra is actually a really nice one the roads are good , covering around 300kms dint take us a lot of time , Also we stopped in Ananthpur for a lovely Andhra lunch and got some food that would last us that night , if you do tend to come to this part of Andhra make sure you have ample amount of cash as there aren't many ATMs that I came across , also they mostly take cash in all the Hotels . After relishing our meals we headed towards the Kadapa district . In case you need to get your liquor supplies , there is a town just a few kms before Gandikota where you can get your supplies from , do keep the cash handy . We reached the place by 4 and  luckily it wasn't crowded at all , Hence  trekked till the top and waited on the sunset as it was one of the most exquisite sight to behold , do make sure you reach there before sunset , also try to get your own means of stay as there is only one Government aided resort near Gandikota called Haritha, that happens to be overcrowded most of the times . So after the climb and witnessing one of the most exquisite sight , we had worked up an appetite and hence headed to Haritha resort which is a 3 minute drive from Gandikota , to have a humble dinner . You definitely aren't going to be spoilt for choice there but just have the jeera rice and tomato pappu , soul fool it was . The happy people decided to head back to the Indian Grand Canyon and pitch the tents there , there wasn't any problem with regard to that . We got a localite to help us out and start the bonfire . Let's just say it turned out to be an excellent camping trip .

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