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I reached Igatpuri at around 8. I had some breakfast, and after asking to some local people, was able to find the local Tata sumo which went upto Bhandardara. I had already researched about this and specifically written the names of the places lest I should forget them. I got into backseat and fell asleep. I woke up at around 12 hearing to sound of some fellow passengers discussing about some treks. I asked them about Kalsubai and Bhandardara. Listening of Kalsubai, the eyes of one lightened up and after some discussion I found that he was also a solo traveler. The gentleman's name was Mr. Sameep Karve, oops Mr CA Sameep Karve, pardon me for that. We got down at Bhandardara, and after searching for some time were able to find the cheapest room in Bhandardara after a lot of bargaining. Sameep skills helped a lot here, mind that he was from Gujarat. We freshened up, had our lunch and were out within an hour, bargaining again, this time with the cab driver. Now, this is the place where I really wished I had a group. The cab driver was asking for 2000 rupees as those were the standard rate of cabs. He told very bluntly that he didn't care whether there were two people or twelve the charge remained the same. We headhunted for any soul who would be interested in sightseeing but we got nothing. Finally we agreed on 1600. Had there been a group, the cost would split and the trip could have been cheaper. But, just like everything solo trip has its own advantages and disadvantages.After that it was an interesting round trip for some 3-4 hours. We visited Wilson dam, did boating in Bhandardara lake and visited a very old temple of ancient times.

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