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Igatpuri may be a railway junction in most wandering minds, but this mysterious destination has all the flavors of a convincing weekend escape. During the rains, this place blossoms into many shades of green, and shades of things to do as well.You can choose to stick around and do absolutely nothing, or choose to explore and get a bit lost.The emerald green Camel Valley holds one of the most spectacular sights, in which a glorious set of waterfalls cascades down the hills. Many other waterfalls can be found as you keep walking down these hills.About 6 km away lies the Tringalwadi Fort. The nice, long, calm, and soothing walk down the fort leads to the Tringalwadi Lake, and the Talegaon Lake. Breathing in the pleasing water sights, and the sweet smells of nature, this walk will be a dazzling, visual treat.Around Igatpuri also lies the Vaitarna Dams, a serene picnic spot, giving a good, clear view of the dam and the lake as well.Reaching Igatpuri takes anywhere from 2 and a half to 3 hours either by rail or road, embedded deep in the Western Ghats.When to go: Anytime from June to February, post the monsoon, Igatpuri is absolutely green and lush. The time to avoid is October.

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