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Next morning we woke up at 7 am and went for a swim. We were little disappointed as the swimming pool was not that clean. Still we spent some time in the pool and went for breakfast. After having breakfast, it was time for taking photographs. We started our journey at around 10 am towards Jibhi. We had another 210 km to cover. I was bit nervous as I had to drive rest of the distance on hilly roads. Then the horror began. Condition of the road from Nalagarh fort to Panjehra(approximately 15 km) was pathetic. The ride was bumpy. My car base hit boulders on the road at least 3 -4 times during this 1hour drive. But rest of the road till Mandi is in good condition. However there are few patches where road construction and widening is going on and road is full of potholes. From Mandi ,Jibhi is 85 km. After crossing Mandi, the road bifurcates, turning right leads to gusaini and left to Manali.The road towards gussaini and jibhi is narrow but is in good condition. The road is along the tirthan river. As we moved into the tirthan valley, the road gradually descended to the river bed level. We were awestruck by the beauty of the valley. The Colourful trees and bushes made the landscapes surreal. After continuing for around 30km s the road ascends again to a much higher elevation from the river bed. As we were going deeper inside the valley, the traffic became sparse. There were apple trees on the side of the road. We crossed many small villages en route. It was already 6 pm and we hadn’t reached Jibhi . I was a bit worried as I wanted to reach there before sunset. After 20 min we drove up a steep ascent and reached our destination.I was much relieved as we reached there before sunset.

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