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Now this is where one has to be decisive. Tosh lies at a distance of about 4-5 km from Barshaini. There's an option to hire a taxi for the same or hike all the way. Most enthusiasts prefer hiking as the view is as spellbinding as it gets. So did we. Tracks to the Kheerganga can also be spotted on the way.Over the last 1 km stretch, it started raining quite heavily, drenching us completely. However, freezing to such pure winds also felt like a privilege as against the dusty air of the city. We walked all the way to the end of Tosh to finally find a suitable accommodation in Lord Shiva Cafe. The rooms are dirt cheap and have the prettiest morning views. There's a little cafe overlooking the mighty snow capped mountains. In all, the place was apt for getting baked and enjoying trance music. Do make sure that you have vegetable maggi and chai here. We headed to the German Bakery for dinner only to be moderately impressed by the food and amazed by its glittery ambience.The day ended in a long session of star gazing, and talking about parallel universes, dark matter and the extra terrestrial.

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Best time to visit Tosh is from March to June

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