The abundance of choices and the complexity of itineraries can indeed become overwhelming. To guide you through this process, we've compiled information on some of the finest honeymoon destinations and packages, both within India and abroad.

Most Popular International Honeymoon Destinations

Best Honeymoon Packages for A Romantic Getaway

All You Need To Know About Honeymoon Travel


Let's be honest, we all have a dream honeymoon destination that perfectly aligns with our interests and budget. And it's only natural that it should be that way. The first step in achieving this dream is to book your honeymoon packages well in advance to avoid any last-minute price surges.


Planning Your Honeymoon

You have two options: you can either choose to opt for honeymoon packages or plan the entire trip yourselves. Both approaches have their merits, depending on your travel preferences.

In the excitement of planning honeymoons and booking honeymoon packages, couples often get carried away and overspend. Another common pitfall is not considering the best time to visit a place in relation to your honeymoon plans. It's crucial to ensure that both your destination choice and your travel dates align for a seamless experience. For example, if you want to visit Rajasthan and your honeymoon falls in the summer, be prepared for uncomfortably high temperatures; consider an alternative time to visit.

Honeymoon packages can be a game-changer for your budget and peace of mind. These packages can be customized to fit your interests, budget, and travel style, saving you from the hassle of day-to-day itinerary planning. This not only ensures a hassle-free trip but also helps manage your expenses.


What to Pack for Your Honeymoon

Packing for your honeymoon can be a bit tricky because you'll want to bring everything you might need. However, the golden rule of packing for vacations is to carry only what's essential, plus a little extra for contingencies. Depending on your honeymoon destination, you'll need to pack clothes and shoes suitable for the weather, activities, and terrain. Researching your honeymoon destination beforehand is essential. A rough itinerary can also help you prepare for unexpected changes. Our basic honeymoon packing list includes:

  • Extra clothing
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Basic medical supplies
  • An umbrella
  • Extra cash
  • Travel documents, including identification


Where to Go for a Honeymoon in India?

India boasts some of the world's most beautiful honeymoon destinations. The country offers a plethora of options, whether you're looking for romantic, budget-friendly, adventurous, or laid-back honeymoon destinations.


Kerala: Mesmerizing sunsets, historic colonial buildings, and delectable cuisine make Kerala one of the world's top honeymoon destinations. Cities like Alleppey, Munnar, and Kumarakom offer unique experiences, from houseboat cruises to serene valley retreats.


Kashmir: Known for its warm hospitality and breathtaking scenery, Kashmir offers the quintessential honeymoon experience. Consider staying in a private houseboat on Dal Lake or a cozy homestay overlooking the lush valleys of Gulmarg, Sonmarg, and Pahalgam.


Leh Ladakh: If you and your partner seek an escape from the urban chaos, Leh Ladakh is a sanctuary. Its unparalleled beauty, welcoming locals, and mix of adventure and relaxation make it a perfect choice. Explore destinations like Pangong Lake, Nubra Valley, and Lamayuru.


Andaman Islands: For those who appreciate the finer things in life, the Andaman Islands offer luxurious resorts, pristine beaches, and lush forests. Activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing promise an exciting honeymoon.


Goa: Easy-going and charming, Goa is a popular honeymoon destination. Its diverse attractions, from historical sites to vibrant markets and mesmerizing beaches, cater to all types of travelers.


Where to Go for a Honeymoon Abroad?

Couples often book honeymoon packages months in advance to save on flight and hotel bookings for international destinations. Here are some top honeymoon destinations abroad:


Bali: Known for its natural beauty, temples, beaches, and vibrant culture, Bali is a popular choice. Honeymoon packages often include stays in five-star resorts, personalized tours, and local delicacies.


Malaysia: Offering a mix of natural beauty, adventure, and luxury, Malaysia has become a top international honeymoon destination. Explore Langkawi's beaches or experience the buzz of Kuala Lumpur.


Maldives: With its white sandy beaches, luxurious resorts, and abundant marine life, the Maldives is a dream honeymoon destination. Honeymoon packages often include personalized snorkeling tours and visits to national parks.


Budapest: Budapest, Hungary, combines historical sites, art galleries, and a charming vibe. You can experience both a quiet and energetic atmosphere, with heritage tours, museum visits, and relaxing café hopping.


New Zealand: Known for breathtaking views and pristine landscapes, New Zealand is an emerging honeymoon destination. Explore Auckland, Queenstown, and more, indulging in adventures like skiing and hiking.


Turkey: Seamlessly blending the traditional and modern worlds, Turkey offers a warm and welcoming culture. Honeymoon packages often include visits to historical cities, scenic villages, and natural wonders.

These destinations promise unforgettable honeymoon experiences.